Intern Adventures: Constitution Yards

7 weeks down, 3 to go! I cannot believe that my internship (and this summer) is almost over - it feels like only yesterday I was getting on the plane to Philly with my family. I have learned quite a bit and I have been extremely lucky to receive opportunities to expand and explore my personal interests. To celebrate our progress so far, a group of interns decided that checking out a fairly popular family-friendly beer garden/outdoor restaurant would be a fun way to bond and continue getting to know each other.

Constitutional Yards made me feel a little less homesick because the aesthetic is really similar to other places back home in the Southwest, especially downtown Phoenix! I forgot to snap a picture but all of the staples were there (cornhole, giant Jenga, and twinkle lights galore) and even a bit more (parts of the area hosted sand and beach chairs!). The food was great and, according to my friends, the drinks were not too shabby either. If you ever find yourself wandering Wilmington or visit Philly and want to get out of the big city for a bit, I definitely recommend checking this place out.

Catch you next time.

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  1. This looks so fun! Meeting new people has been one of the best parts of my intern experience, it looks like the same for you!

    Emma | Seeking the South


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