Happy Birthday, Carissa

Today is my little sister's 16th birthday! This weekend I flew home to surprise my sister. Twice.

First, our parents actually told her I would not be able to come home to celebrate her birthday because I had a really big test coming up. Second, they told her we would just be having a nice, small family lunch before I had to get back to the airport (unfortunately, I was only home for about 27 hours) but our Mom actually tracked down some of her friends to make it a surprise party!

My mom is so cute - she knows my sister is not a huge fan of parties, so she kept my sister's party kind of low-key with a few small games (I forgot how competitive Carissa and her friends can be!) but she did find those adorable stickers and stuck them all over everything. I wish I had more photos to show y'all, but the lighting was not the greatest in the restaurant and I was a little busy taking part in all of the fun.

As you can see from some of the pictures, my sister and I are basically incapable of taking cute/normal photos together! She's crazy, goofy, and almost my complete opposite, but she's my baby sister and I love her. Happy Birthday, you crazy!

It was a lot of fun to surprise my sister! When was the last time you surprised someone?

Catch you next time.


Bid Day Fall 2016

This past Friday was Bid Day, y'all! I was so incredibly excited to see the looks on all of the Bids' faces when they found out. I have been on the Recruitment Committee every single semester, not only because I love talking about my Chapter and what amazing things we do, but to search for new potential Brothers who belong in a Home like ours.

You might recognize the beautiful lady in these photos with me - this is Diana, my APPLE Little! I actually hardcore recruited her for APPLE after I met her through Delta Sigma Pi and I am so happy to have her in different parts of my life. Can't wait to get to know our Bids more over the course of their pledge semesters!

Catch you next time.


Delta Sigma Pi Fall Recruitment 2016

Hope everyone has been having a great week after Labor Day Weekend! This week is the Rush Week for my Chapter and it has been an exhausting but wonderful couple of days so far. I have my eye on a few prospectives, and who knows, maybe in a few weeks you'll be seeing pictures of crafts and gifts for a Little - fingers crossed!

My friend Ruth was super kind and willing to do some photos for me to use and I am forever grateful! Ruth and I met at Arizona Girls State 2013 and we have luckily stayed in touch ever since. She is incredibly artsy and I definitely recommend checking out her stuff.

 Catch you next time.


TSP Birthday Facelift

Hi all, it's been a while. Before we get into me, how are you? Have you treated yourself lately? This is a short post so I suggest you get some ice cream after reading this.

Okay so I know this is really late, but last month TSP officially turned 2 years old! It has been an incredible journey and I really wanted to do something that could reflect the changes that have happened to TSP and my life.

If you have been following TSP for a little while, you might have noticed that TSP got a belated birthday facelift! My new design is courtesy of Eve at Fearne Creative Design. Eve is super easy to work with and has been very helpful in the course of my mania and slight perfectionism.

So, what do you think? Do you like TSP's new look?

Catch you next time.

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