Freshman Five: Tips for Being a Good Roommate

Living with roommates this past year was definitely its own experience. I learned a lot about not just myself, but also how to interact with people. It was a bit easier since it worked out that I already knew two out of my three roommates before living with them, but overall I think putting my faith in the random housing system worked out.

Whether or not you're living with people you know, you should always try to be a good roommate. Here are a few things that I have found to really help in developing your relationship with your roommate and making your living environment a great one.

Notes of Encouragement | This is one of my favorite things to do for roommates. Take some sticky notes, write simple notes of encouragement, and stick them somewhere you know your roommate will see them - try their bathroom mirror (for first thing in the morning) or on the coffeemaker! Starting the day off with a smile is always a good feeling.

Pay Attention to Their Schedule | One of the things my roommates and I did this year was send copies of our course schedules to each other. This really helped when trying to plan roomie dinners and planning out concert tickets!

Ask How Their Day Is | This one probably seems too simple, but the truth is, it works! Whether or not you are having a bad day, it's always nice when somebody asks how you are with a sweet smile - it is a simple thing that can make you feel so much better to know that somebody cares. Knowing each other's schedules comes in handy when you know your roommate had an exam that day, too!

Make Extra Food | Food is the easiest way to any college kid's heart. Plus, if for whatever reason they don't want some, you can eat more or invite other friends over! There were a few nights I came home super late because of project meetings only to realize I had barely eaten all day - Em was amazing and had left me some dinner on the stove and I swear that was the highlight of my day.

Little Surprises | Going on a trip? Pick up an extra souvenir for your roommate! See a book with a title that reminds you of an inside joke between you two? Get it for them! I'm definitely not saying to make this a regular thing, making them sporadic and rare makes it all the more meaningful.

These tips are definitely not exclusive to college roommates! Maybe you're moving to a big city? Or living with other interns for the summer? Whatever your situation, a good relationship with your roommate(s) is always a good idea.

What are things you do to be a good roommate?

Catch you next time.

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