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Happy Friday, everyone! Life has been super hectic but I'm starting to somehow find my footing again. Multiple exams, papers, events, and the constant fear of not doing well in classes has been keeping my sleep schedule hectic and the stream of coffee down my throat quite constant.

Quick life update: I am on the intramural court volleyball team for one of my organizations and I am having a blast! I didn't play volleyball in high school (in part because no-time, but also because I'm not super athletic), but I've been playing in the intramural leagues at ASU ever since first semester freshman year and I have really been enjoying it. I have definitely improved over the semesters, and word to the wise: I waited way too long to invest in knee pads - knee pads are your best friends! (These are the pair that I bought!).

A Dose of Reality | This line item is a little heavier than what I usually post on Little Discoveries - this is an Economist article about the impact of the Panama papers, and it is a really interesting read.

Latest Splurge | I couldn't help it - I've been thinking about buying a pair of white Converse for the longest time but didn't finally pull the trigger until yesterday. I know I won't regret it and I am super excited for my "spring Uggs" to come!

Mike Posner is Awesome | 'I Took a Pill in Ibiza' is one of the season's current hot hits, and Mike Posner's awesome comeback (remember, he came out with 'Cooler Than Me' when we were in junior high?). I love the EDM versions of this song, but this more raw and acoustic version really has my heart.

Really? More Covers? | Yes, but these ones are different because it's by Lukas Graham. You know, the wonderful humans who created '7 Years'? This is the cover of Justin Bieber's Love Yourself that I have on endless repeat and this is the cover of the ever wonderful Hello by Adele.

Barrett Ladies Tea 2016 | It's been over a month since this event came to fruition and as crazy as it sounds, I miss how everything was before it happened! It was a really fun event to plan and take part in, and the pictures turned out great.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Catch you next time.


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