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Happy April Fool's Day! Hope your day is filled with fun and *hopefully* harmless pranks. As per usual, somebody decided to put bubble bath/soap in the fountains on-campus and that is already quite a bit of fun for me.

This afternoon and all of tomorrow I will be judging at the Arizona District National Qualifying Tournament for speech and debate - sounds fancy, huh? It's been over a month since I've had the chance to judge at a tournament and I am so excited to judge pieces and competitors that will potentially compete at the national tournament this summer in Salt Lake City.

PowerPuff Yourself | I am not even joking, I'm in love with this thing. I loved the PowerPuff Girls when I was younger and CartoonNetwork is hitting up all of the girls like me, who so badly wanted to be one!

Freddy from iCarly's Wedding Video | Do you remember Nathan Kress from iCarly? Last year, he married London Moore and they recently released their wedding video. This video is quite literally a piece of art. One that makes me cry every single time I watch it (which, for the record, is only four times so far).

Are You Being Post-Conscious? | Being a blogger, whether big or small, you actually tow a few lines. "Is it okay to post this picture?" or "Will this person be upset by this post?" are two of the many questions I ask myself before publishing almost anything on social media. This is a great little post that sums up the questions you should think about!

Design Darling Beginnings | As some of my longtime followers know, I am obsessed with Design Darling and its owner, Mackenzie Horan. The blog and shop are wonderful, and this is a great read on how it all started!

Homemade Ice Cream | I don't know if you've noticed but short food videos are trending like wildfire on Facebook! This method of making ice cream is actually something my 8th grade science class did as a delicious 'experiment'. It's super simple and really fun, I definitely recommend trying it!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Catch you next time.

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