Barrett Ladies Tea 2016

Last Sunday I attended the Fourth Annual Barrett Ladies Tea. With brunch, adorable antique tea cups, and 80 fabulous ladies in one room, it is an understatement to say this was an amazing time!

I had the distinct pleasure of being a part of the committee (pictured below!) organizing the tea this year, along with my two fellow founders of the Barrett Women's League (fun fact: last year's tea was the catalyst for us starting our own organization!).

The theme for the event was "A Royal Tea" - we had adorable flower and jam centerpieces, scones, antique tea cups for each participant to keep, and a great classical playlist.

One of our esteemed speakers was the wonderful Associate Dean of Students Dr. Kristen Hermann! Dean Hermann actually helped Barrett Women's League get off the ground and we are so happy she helped start the tradition of the Barrett Ladies Tea four years ago.

Our keynote speaker of the event was Kathy Peach, a children's author. One of the fascinating things Kathy talked about was how her Honors Thesis turned into her newly-published book, The Tiniest Tumbleweed!

It was such an honor to aid in the planning of this Barrett tradition. I forever stand by the idea that becoming involved and investing yourself in events and organizations is the best way to develop connections with your community as well as develop yourself. I am proud to be a Barrett student and can't wait to see the next group of ladies who take part in this tradition.

What traditions have you taken part in lately? Does your university hold a similar event?

Catch you next time.

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