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I have been having an amazing Spring Break in New York and I am so excited to share pictures of some of my adventures here on the blog next week. This past week has been absolutely crazy with Central Park, East Village, the Upper East Side, Fifth Avenue, and more.

Tomorrow is Lunch With Lilly! | Lunch With Lilly means Lilly is doing gifts with purchase and free shipping to anywhere - have you ordered yet?! You wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to say no to this dress and this cropped set when I was shopping in-store a few days ago.

The Politics of Parks and Rec | I joined the Parks and Rec fan club really late in the game but I'm here and it's great. This video explains one of the big reasons I really like the series, Ron and Leslie's ability to be friends despite their polar opposite political views.

Obama and Trudeau Are Besties and I Love It | Have you read Obama and Trudeau's speeches to each other at the first Canadian-American State Dinners in 20 years?! The speeches are amazing to hear and even more touching to read.

Tangled on TV | Rapunzel is one of my favorite Disney princesses and the fact that it's coming to TV makes me so happy (even though I don't have a TV!). The animation is reminiscent of the older movies and solidifies Rapunzel as a true classic.

Have Books, Can Travel | Ann Morgan read one book from every country around the world and she learned a lot! Have you read any international books?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Catch you next time.

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  1. that is so exciting that Tangled is coming to TV! x, kenz http://sincerelykenz.com


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