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Wowza, this week has been a rough one - three exams absolutely killed my already almost non-existent sleep schedule. Tomorrow morning hopefully will not happen and I will just wake up in the afternoon so I can try to recover from it all - another ice cream sandwich probably wouldn't hurt either!

EmWatson is Forever Awesome | As if any of us needed a reason to love Emma Watson even more, she emphasized the importance of reading in a recent interview and announced that she's taking a break from Hollywood and continuing her work with HeForShe.

Problem in 20 Different Styles | YouTuber Anthony Vincent has come up with such an interesting idea, emphasizing how different songs can turn out based on a singer's particular music style!

TED Prisoner Rehabilitation | This story is a great read! Prisoner rehabilitation is actually a topic I debated in high school and the information I learned over the course of my research was astounding. With the amount of debt we rack up keeping people in prison, reductions in recidivism matter that much more!

Ellen and Adele Need a TV Show | I could not stop laughing while watching this! Ellen and Adele are so hilarious, it would be a lie for me to say I probably wouldn't try to do this if I had the fame and opportunity.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Catch you next time.

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  1. That ice cream sandwich looks amazing!! Have a wonderful week <3

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com


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