Life Update

This photo is a week old or so (and super blurry, as you can see!), but I decided to use it for this post because it represents how I feel about life so much right now. Many of you who have been following TSP for a little while probably recognize these two handsome guys - Andy and Theatre Geek! 

We decided to try to start off the semester on the right foot by meeting for dinner, and boy was it needed. I hadn't seen these two in SO LONG and it was really nice to relax and feel like we were our current selves back in high school - does that make any sense? These two understand me like nobody else and catching up with them just felt like the the best thing to do. I'm hoping this is a bit of foreshadowing for more frequent get-togethers with my two best friends.

What are you excited for next month?!

Catch you next time.

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