Another Trip to the Suns

Well, I said I would eventually make my way to another game and lo and behold, it may have taken me a while but I made it. Yes, my sports savvy friends, the Suns have not been playing well, but I came more for the wonderful experience the Suns create - and Booker. So many people have said that watching Booker play is entertaining and I was really excited to see it for myself!

I am so glad that my group, the W. P. Carey APPLE (Academy Peer Programmers for Leadership Engagement) was able to plan this event. We were able to arrange for 50 students from my business school to hear from a diverse and experienced panel of Phoenix Suns executives, then we stayed to watch the Suns play the Raptors in an extremely close touch-by-touch game. It was a disappointment to experience another loss, but it was such a great experience overall that it didn't damper the night too badly.

When was the last time you did something you hadn't done in a while?

Catch you next time.


  1. How fun! Going to sports games - especially hockey - is one of my favorite activities.


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