Arthritis Foundations Oscars Gala 2016

This past weekend has been absolutely packed! I was running all around Phoenix and doing so many different things that I could barely keep up with any social media, sorry! 

One of the exciting things I had the opportunity to be a part of was the Arthritis Foundations' GlitzGlamGive event, an Oscars viewing party and gala with an auction. I served as a table host with the wonderful Ms. Scottsdale and got to work with some of my Brothers from Delta Sigma Pi.

The event was amazing and it was so great to be in this beautifully-decorated room (some of the pictures below were taken by my friend, Tim!). So much money was raised that night and the speakers were incredibly inspirational, I definitely look forward to helping out next year!

What did you think of the Oscars?

Catch you next time.


Dealing with the Romanticization of Exhaustion

Hi there! A longer, more personal post with some advice, here. If you aren't interested in this, feel free to check out some more lighthearted, fun things like this video of puppies playing or this Melissa McCarthy clip from SNL.

I am a fairly competitive person. I usually credit my craziness to my ambition, high goals, and incredible standards, but I think most of it stems from my need to compare myself to others. "You are your own worst critic" may just be the most accurate statement on the status of my self-confidence.

Lately I have caught myself constantly thinking "I wish I was more like so-and-so" or "so-and-so does so much, I feel like I'm not doing anything." I average five to six hours of sleep a night and am constantly running between multiple organization meetings or rushing to do homework for my twenty-two credit course load - I'm not sure I actually have the grounds to say I don't do anything.

It wasn't until I read this article a wonderful friend of mine shared on Facebook that I really realized I have fallen victim to my generation's latest vogue: romanticizing exhaustion.

One of my best friends, Cat, and I call ourselves twins, a moniker earned from similar drives, ambitions, and physical characteristics. One of the biggest ways we have bonded, however, is over complaining about our schedules, often involving sentences like "I have to wear business professional all day because I have four classes, work, and three meetings" or "I'll probably pull an all-nighter because I won't get out of a meeting until late, then I need to go write a paper I have been putting off for two days, and I have an exam after so I might as well not sleep."

If you're dealing with this problem too, you may scoff at the advice I'm about to pass on, but if you happen to have any advice, please feel free to share your ideas in the comments!

While walking home from a late meeting the other night with a new friend of mine, H, I made a comparison saying that H does so much and that even with all the things I do, I'm a few levels below him. H proceeded to give me the talking-to I needed, explaining that one should never just compare number of commitments. "Think of it like stacks of books," he said. "I could have fifty small books and you could have a single book with the same total pages, but it's not the number of books that matters so much as the knowledge and happiness you glean from them." Does that make sense to y'all?

The next time you freak out about how it sounds when someone says they have dozens of responsibilities, kill the comparisons by reminding yourself the impacts you have already made and how those have made you happy.

How have you dealt with society's current romanticization of exhaustion? Share your tips below!

Catch you next time.


Your Skin Is In

As some of you may know, I am a huge advocate for cancer awareness! Cancer has touched my family in many forms and across generations, and I strongly believe in the power, advancement, and modernization of our healthcare system. Modern-day healthcare has come so incredibly far over the years, but many people are wary of taking advantage of it. We only have one life to live, so it is really important to take care of ourselves!

How many of you used to yell at your mom when she tried to put sunblock on you and all you wanted was to jump in the pool? For the longest time because of my naturally darker skin, I would fight my mom tooth and nail about wearing sunblock. My mind never really changed until I started to learn about melanoma in my AP Biology class junior year of high school.

Did you know melanoma is currently the second most common form of cancer in adults aged 15-29? With this title, don't you think more people should be aware of melanoma? The Melanoma Foundation of New England certainly believes so! MFNE is working to help increase melanoma awareness because SURPRISE: melanoma is not only preventable, but 99% curable when caught in time.

But how do you know if you could potentially have melanoma? What do you need to look for? Lucky for y'all, MFNE is launched Your Skin Is In, an educational, pledge based program (offered online as an eLearning curriculum!) and contest that encourages teens and young adults to make a personal promise that they will protect the skin they’re in. Over the past 8 years, MFNE has traveled all over New England, exposing over half a million students to this educational program. Let's help carry this message across the country!

Want to get involved?

The simplest and easiest way is to just take the pledge

Cancer can be life-altering; in comparison, it doesn't seem too bad to just use sunblock before laying out to tan or just avoiding those tanning beds (for my lighter-skinned friends, a few northeastern friends of mine love self-tanner!). Antsy to do more? Get your friends involved! Cash prizes will be awarded to the high schools and universities with the highest percentages of pledgers, so get on it!

To learn more about the Melanoma Foundation of New England, check out their social media

Join me and many more as we take the pledge for healthy skin!

Catch you next time.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with the Melanoma Foundation and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.


Little Discoveries

Wowza, this week has been a rough one - three exams absolutely killed my already almost non-existent sleep schedule. Tomorrow morning hopefully will not happen and I will just wake up in the afternoon so I can try to recover from it all - another ice cream sandwich probably wouldn't hurt either!

EmWatson is Forever Awesome | As if any of us needed a reason to love Emma Watson even more, she emphasized the importance of reading in a recent interview and announced that she's taking a break from Hollywood and continuing her work with HeForShe.

Problem in 20 Different Styles | YouTuber Anthony Vincent has come up with such an interesting idea, emphasizing how different songs can turn out based on a singer's particular music style!

TED Prisoner Rehabilitation | This story is a great read! Prisoner rehabilitation is actually a topic I debated in high school and the information I learned over the course of my research was astounding. With the amount of debt we rack up keeping people in prison, reductions in recidivism matter that much more!

Ellen and Adele Need a TV Show | I could not stop laughing while watching this! Ellen and Adele are so hilarious, it would be a lie for me to say I probably wouldn't try to do this if I had the fame and opportunity.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Catch you next time.


Snooze AM Eatery

Recently some friends and I visited a popular breakfast/brunch place near campus and I am officially in love. The decor is bright and funky, the atmosphere is stellar, and the food is amazing. One of my roommates laughed when I told her about it because "as if you needed another brunch place", but let's be honest, you can never have too many brunch places! I went for my classic order of chocolate chip pancakes to make my overall decision, but boy do I need to go back and try some of the other fantastic things they have on their menu.

How has your week been so far? When's the last time you tried a new restaurant?

Catch you next time.


Smile, It's a Monday!

Sometimes Monday mornings suck. Here's a little piece of adorable that you need to see and will hopefully help you start this week off on the right foot - you got this!

Have a great day!

Catch you next time.


Praise for Pretentious Pinterest Quotes

I was just scrolling through Pinterest the earlier this week and stumbled upon this online article from Cosmo that just had me laughing at the accuracy: pretentious Pinterest quotes that somehow make you feel better?

This was definitely one of my favorites! I have definitely spent unnecessarily long amounts of time worrying over the past when there isn't anything else to be done about it. In the moments I find I'm talking to myself, I often try to calm myself from freaking out over how something might have gone or ended by thinking about what those experiences can teach me for the future.

Have you seen any great quotes lately? How did they make you feel?

Catch you next time.


Monday Morning Laughs

Sometimes Mondays are great. Sometimes they suck. If you're reading this in the morning, I hope this helps you start your day off on the right foot. If today is not Monday and you're reading in the evening, I hope your day went well and that this helps put a smile on your face. I know not everyone likes/loves sports, but whatever your fancy, I'm sure you'll find this video quite amusing! Enjoy!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Catch you next time.


Little Discoveries

Happy Lunar New Year!

So many fun things have been happening amidst all of the busy-week things (as I write this post, there are currently 55+ open Google Chrome tabs - I'm not joking), and I can't wait to share them with all of you! For now, I don't want to jinx some of them so I'll be sharing them next week - small request for good vibes/prayers/thoughts/cookies/whatever you choose.

Current Feel Good Jam | Like many other nights, I was spending a little too much time on YouTube when I found this song! Olly Murs and Demi Lovato singing an uplifting, feel-good song with acoustic back-up? This one will definitely get you ready to take on anything today.

So Many Little Black Dresses | It seems to be the season for sales on little black dresses! Can you really have too many black dresses? They're perfect for almost any occasion. I'm really loving this one and this one, but this one is on sale for $20!

Political Fact-Checking | Disclosure: I am in no way endorsing any of the political candidates with the inclusion of this article in this post. My main goal is to remind everyone that no candidate is perfect and to encourage everyone to vote, and to vote with an educated ballot. Do a little research and figure out which candidates line up with your values - that's all I ask, whatever your political opinions be!

Another Great Dance Video for Love Yourself | These two dancers are so in-sync it's crazy. I could not stop smiling the whole two minutes! I have always been a big fan of dance (in part because I wasn't an extraordinarily coordinated child) and I love finding videos of unique and interpretive choreography - they always make me wish I stuck with dance lessons when I was younger.

Friends Day | So yesterday was Facebook's 4th birthday, and it was a big one. I love that they decided to make it more about the people Facebook has helped - it just warmed my heart reading and listening to so many people's amazing stories! The #FriendsDay videos were pretty cool - mine was pretty accurate! How was yours?

Today we are celebrating Friends Day -- a moment to reflect on the important friendships in our lives.February 4 is...
Posté par Mark Zuckerberg sur jeudi 4 février 2016

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Catch you next time.


Another Trip to the Suns

Well, I said I would eventually make my way to another game and lo and behold, it may have taken me a while but I made it. Yes, my sports savvy friends, the Suns have not been playing well, but I came more for the wonderful experience the Suns create - and Booker. So many people have said that watching Booker play is entertaining and I was really excited to see it for myself!

I am so glad that my group, the W. P. Carey APPLE (Academy Peer Programmers for Leadership Engagement) was able to plan this event. We were able to arrange for 50 students from my business school to hear from a diverse and experienced panel of Phoenix Suns executives, then we stayed to watch the Suns play the Raptors in an extremely close touch-by-touch game. It was a disappointment to experience another loss, but it was such a great experience overall that it didn't damper the night too badly.

When was the last time you did something you hadn't done in a while?

Catch you next time.


February - My House

Happy February, everyone! I could not help but decide to share this song to kick off this new month. I know many of you have probably already heard it, but here's a reminder to listen to the song at least one more time today. This semester has been off to a rocky start and February is jam-packed with so many things going on, but for some reason I woke up this morning feeling like I could take the day on - hopefully that's a good sign!

What song currently describes how you feel about this new month?

Catch you next time.

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