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My life is currently a bit of a mess. This upcoming week I will be taking a slight break from blogging. A lot of things have been happening, both fun and not-as-fun, but *fingers crossed and knocks on wood* hopefully everything will be okay and work out. If anything, 'stressed' backwards is 'desserts', right? I may be seeing the bottom of a tub of Ben & Jerry's soon...

Adele Carpool Karaoke | You have probably seen this video popping up everywhere, so if you haven't actually watched it yet, you need to do it. Adele is absolutely amazing and James Corden is hilarious. I had not yet checked it out when Harry Styles tweeted about it so to say I was excited when I first watched it was an understatement.

Emo Kylo Ren is Real | Well, sort of. He will be. Soon.

The FRIENDS Reunion is a Go | You probably already have this on your radars but do you know why the gang is getting back together? This probably should have been done a long time ago, but hasn't happened in part due to schedules but apparently some tension? Say it ain't so!

Biz Tip: Let's Not Do Coffee | I have a few different mentors and actually came to a similar conclusion as this article over the course of the past semester. Being upfront, available, and willing to learn has really helped me with not only gaining mentorships but maintaining them!

Catch you next time.

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