3 Things I Loved About The New Star Wars (No Spoilers!)

Okay, I promise no spoilers! The following things I talk about are general knowledge but they are things just emphasized through the movie.

The Main Character is a Woman | I have said it once, said it twice - I am far from the first person to say it and I will gladly be far from the last. Rey is a dynamic main character who wins you over within her first scenes of the movie. Making this even better, there is not a single insult directed towards the fact Rey is a woman, not a single one! Thank you writers for being good humans.

Respect is Paid to the Elders | My dad told me I was ridiculous for worrying about this in the first place, but you know what? It worked out so it doesn't even matter as much. I cannot even tell you how many times I giggled in the theatre when a reference was made to something from a previous film, but the crowning moment is definitely when I saw Leia. Yes, I did fist pump. Leia is awesome.

A Film for Everyone | This movie truly caters to everyone, whether you were a Star Wars fan from the beginning or if this is your introduction into this beautiful universe. There was action, suspense, romance, and a rich storyline that causes the audience to question aspects of morality - it has the whole nine yards!

Have you seen the new Star Wars yet? What did you like about it?!

Catch you next time.

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