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Last Friday night was my Fraternity's RoseBall, which is our end-of-semester Formal and award ceremony! A little late on sharing this news, but a lot happened last week that I am finally ready to share here. I am extremely humbled and honored to announce that I was elected the Spring 2016 Vice President of Community Service and was awarded my Chapter's Scholar of the Year Award!

This semester has been quite the rollercoaster but this Chapter, this Family, has helped me hang on and stick through the ride. I am so excited to see what the future holds. You can expect a few more service-oriented posts in the upcoming months!

Also, I'm really excited for this weekend because my family is driving down and we are going to watch the U.S. Women's National Team play on their Victory Tour! I am a huge soccer/futbol fan and I can't wait to see them play China. #SheBelieves

Dress R&M (Similar / Similar) | Shoes Vince Camuto (Suggestion / Similar)

2015's Top Dog Names | This article honestly made my morning when I first read it. It's a great read and some of the data they acquired is really interesting! Did you know that the #1 Dog Name from the Hunger Games series is 'Effie'? Or that 1 in 20 pet parents have social media accounts for their dogs?!

OREO Cookie Balls | My mouth started watering as soon as I even read the title of this recipe post! They look absolutely delicious and you can bet that I am going to try this recipe out as soon as I get to one of my aunt's houses this holiday.

Time Management Tips | I may be a little biased, but I am fairly sure I do a good job of managing my time. But, nobody is ever perfect and this post from a celebrity's personal assistant is a great reminder of things to do to increase time effectiveness and stay on top of everything you are doing!

#100CoffeeCups | Remember when many people were enraged by the Starbucks #RedCup? This is actually what I pictured people doing instead! If I had any talent in terms of drawing, I definitely would have been all over my cups with a gold glitter Sharpie!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Catch you next time.


  1. So exciting to be elected to such a high position -- congrats girl!
    I hope you had a lovely weekend.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  2. Congratulations on being elected to your executive board! I wish you nothing but the best!

  3. Congratulations! And wow those drawings on the cups are amazing!


  4. You look gorgeous - love that dress! x Nicole | www.changeanddress.com

  5. Drooling over those oreo balls! Will have to give them a shot :)

  6. Congrats on your exec position! That dress is gorgeous, too!


  7. Congratulations on your exec position and the scholar award! How exciting!

    Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

  8. Congrats on your eboard position AND your scholar award - you go girl! Also, you look gorgeous in that dress!

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

  9. Formals are so fun and congrats on your new position!

    xx. Brittany | Southern Soul

  10. Congrats on your new position! Also, it totally doesn't surprise me that 1 in 20 pet owners have a social media account for their pet...I follow a ton of dogs on instagram! They make my feed so happy :)

  11. Congratulations! I will have to check out that dog name list!! That's right up my ally.

  12. I need those Oreo Cookie Balls (and congratulations on your new position)!!

    x Sarah

  13. Thanks for sharing these fun links, I'm excited to read the article about dog names and time management! Effie is a cute name for a dog, can't believe it's so popular!

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  15. Congrats on being elected VP and winning the award. How gorgeous is that dress though and those Oreo cookie balls look so yum.

  16. Thanks for including the oreo balls girlie! You're too sweet :)

    Sugar & Something

  17. I definitely want to make those Oreo cookie balls!

  18. Congrats on your award! I love the gorgeous dress and that delicious Oreo ball post!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  19. You are absolutely stunning! And congratulations on your award and your appointment :) Can't wait to follow along on your blog!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  20. Congrats on your position!

  21. Wow, you look beautiful! Congrats on your new position!


  22. Congratulations on your award! You look gorgeous btw!

    Jennifer Ashley

  23. A big congrats to you on your exec position!! Love hearing about what other bloggers are doing in Greek life.

    xoxo A

  24. Thanks for sharing! I loved the #100CupsofCoffee!

  25. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and you look stunning! I love the coffee cups post, I wish I could draw too! I've seen some really cool starbucks cup drawings in the past.

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

  26. I tried those oreo cookie balls, they are to die for!!


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