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Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine yesterday was pretty eventful (keep up on SnapChat: MikkSalamatin), but it hasn't really stopped yet. With my family, every holiday really lasts at least 3 days - one actual day of holiday-ing and two more of shopping, eating, and me avoiding questions about why I don't have a boyfriend yet.

We ultimately decided to skip out on the early Black Friday shopping because 1) none of us really needed anything that badly and 2) after the Black Friday Disaster of 2013, my family tries really hard to avoid the crux of Vegas Black Fridays.

Poooooints! | Have you heard of TopGolf? If you ever have the chance to go to one, I definitely recommend you take it. As their website aptly describes, it's like "drinks with your best buddies, the weekly poker night, a Sunday tee-time, playing Wii with the kids, and the best date you've ever had - all rolled into one." In fact, one of my final group projects involves potential international expansion for TopGolf!

A Must-See TEDTaking ASL night classes while in high school was an amazing decision, not only for my schedule, but for educating me in a very unique language and culture. It is difficult for some to imagine what it would be like to lose their hearing, but imagine what life would be like if you had never heard at all?

Right Shirt, Right Time | This was just too funny not to share. Many of y'all know I'm quite a nerd, but even if you don't understand some of these jokes, the idea that these people were wearing the perfect shirt for the celebrity they were meeting is just wonderful.

PrepObsessed Black Friday | It's Black Friday! Be sure to use "BLACKFRIDAY" and "MikkaelaS10" at checkout for those extra discounts. I've got my eye on this bow bracelet, this perfect porch/outdoor decoration, and this #PREPPY baseball cap for my sister.

I'm off to make my wallet cry as I Black Friday shop - are you excited?

Catch you next time.

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