Delta Sigma Pi Initiation Fall 2015

This past weekend Gamma Omega welcomed over 30 new Brothers! We are so excited that our family had grown and look forward to everything this new class will do. They are such an embodiment of enthusiasm, drive, and Brotherhood that I know they are going to do such amazing things. Watch out, world. Gamma Omega is coming at you!

So proud of this girl! We met last year and have become such good friends, now Brothers!

Pledge Bros are Forever Bros.

Pledge Mom's secret favorites? We think so!

So proud of JC for running our Chapter so well this semester! Such a great President!

Serving in Y's Community Service Committee has been so rewarding this past semester!

Lookin' spiffy with our wonderful Brotherhood Chair!

I really enjoy seeing how every pledge class has its own personality and will change the Fraternity in very much its own ways. Y'all have had a hard semester, but powering through it, y'all have proven just how awesome y'all are! Now the future awaits.

Good luck, PC Fall 2015.

Catch you next time.

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