Happy Birthday, Delta Sigma Pi!

This week is a big week not only for Delta Sigma Pi, but my Chapter as well! This week we are celebrating the birth of our Fraternity and the founding of our Chapter. I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing organization of like-minded and driven people. I know I've used some of these pictures a lot, but that's because they really do show off what I believe to be some of the best parts of DSP.

LOVE and miss my Big!

Pledge Moms are the best.

Bro-dates to music festivals are prime.

Is it really an event if you don't have an awkward candid to show the other photos are posed?

The cutest Big-Littles you've ever seen.

Of course I brought letters to France.

Recruitment 2015: #RushDSP

Attending events and posing as Big-Little for cute things like this.

Pledge Bros. Music. Always a great time.

Wanna stalk us? Do it!

Catch you next time.

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