Control F: Motivation

Coming back to school from a holiday like Thanksgiving is really hard. The end of the semester is in sight, but you're ducking behind your fort of pillows and textbooks hoping Finals don't find you. Trust me, no matter how well you build your fort, your stronghold is unfortunately not that strong.

I personally have three group projects and two papers due. To say I would rather not be doing homework is a bit of an understatement. (Have you seen the new Facebook events that have been going around? Some of them are hilarious! It'd be hilarious to have an event where everyone hides under their desk and pretends Finals are over.) Also, it's Cyber Monday and you're obviously on an electronic device right now - have you seen some of the deals going on?!


It's not about having the skill to do something. It's about having the will, desire, and commitment to be your best. - Robert Hernandez

Never look back unless you are planning to go that way. - Henry David Thoreau

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead


Hope at least one of these quotes helps you find motivation today! You got this,  I believe in you!

Catch you next time.

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KMSS Gal Pal Gift Guide

We all have those sassy friends who deserve gifts that link with parts of their personality - mine are definitely my roommates! Cyber Monday is coming up quickly so I thought I'd share a preview of the amazing deals that will be going on throughout the day as well as sharing my favorite picks from the sale for those sassy friends.

With deals like these, how could you possibly say no!

KMSS Long Sleeves | Recently I did a post on this long sleeves, and I really cannot rave about it enough - I've worn it so many times and I can't even tell you how many times I've looked for it and found out Em was wearing it. All long sleeves are $5 off for Cyber Monday - plus don't forget an extra discount when you use "SouthwestPrep" at checkout! I've got my eye on this one with my favorite Winston Churchill quote and this one with the famous Journey lyric!

The Sassiest Tank Tops | $5 tank tops?! You bet I'll be on the site buying up as many as I can! New designs were recently released, but personally I'm obsessed with this adorable "Bow Hard or Go Home" tank and this "Bows Over Bros" tank I might get Em.

Spirit Jerseys | Okay, I know most of the stuff on here is clothing but with good reason - a large portion of people prefer gifts they not only love, but would love to use! Spirit jerseys are perfect for your friends who maybe are not in sororities but love the style and comfort of spirit jerseys.

The South Candles | J absolutely loves candles and I may just have to buy her a few of these! Candles are perfect gifts for friends who are often stressed and/or really spend a lot of time in their rooms. Antebellum is my favorite because of the fruity smell to it.

Anything 'Merica | We all have at least one friend who takes patriotism to another level - I have three of them. The Fourth of July is their favorite holiday and you'd be hard-pressed to find something they don't have in red, white, and blue. For these friends, I'm looking at this short sleeve top and this "Land of the Free" tank top perfect for my friend who's boyfriend is in the military!

Are you excited?! Make sure to keep any eye on the KMSS Facebook and KMSS Twitter for alerts on their giveaways throughout the day.

Don't forget to use "SouthwestPrep" for an extra discount on these Cyber Monday steals!

Catch you next time.


Little Discoveries

Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine yesterday was pretty eventful (keep up on SnapChat: MikkSalamatin), but it hasn't really stopped yet. With my family, every holiday really lasts at least 3 days - one actual day of holiday-ing and two more of shopping, eating, and me avoiding questions about why I don't have a boyfriend yet.

We ultimately decided to skip out on the early Black Friday shopping because 1) none of us really needed anything that badly and 2) after the Black Friday Disaster of 2013, my family tries really hard to avoid the crux of Vegas Black Fridays.

Poooooints! | Have you heard of TopGolf? If you ever have the chance to go to one, I definitely recommend you take it. As their website aptly describes, it's like "drinks with your best buddies, the weekly poker night, a Sunday tee-time, playing Wii with the kids, and the best date you've ever had - all rolled into one." In fact, one of my final group projects involves potential international expansion for TopGolf!

A Must-See TEDTaking ASL night classes while in high school was an amazing decision, not only for my schedule, but for educating me in a very unique language and culture. It is difficult for some to imagine what it would be like to lose their hearing, but imagine what life would be like if you had never heard at all?

Right Shirt, Right Time | This was just too funny not to share. Many of y'all know I'm quite a nerd, but even if you don't understand some of these jokes, the idea that these people were wearing the perfect shirt for the celebrity they were meeting is just wonderful.

PrepObsessed Black Friday | It's Black Friday! Be sure to use "BLACKFRIDAY" and "MikkaelaS10" at checkout for those extra discounts. I've got my eye on this bow bracelet, this perfect porch/outdoor decoration, and this #PREPPY baseball cap for my sister.

I'm off to make my wallet cry as I Black Friday shop - are you excited?

Catch you next time.


Freshman Five: How to Friendsgiving the Right Way

'Tis the week of being extra thankful - this Thursday is Thanksgiving, which means you still have time to have a Friendsgiving. Unlike many of my friends, I don't live 30 minutes from campus - I don't have the same opportunities to just pop over to another friend's house in between a game of football and dinner. So, Friendsgiving are pretty necessary in my friend group.

Hosting a Friendsgiving is not only another excuse to spend time with friends, but it adds to the experience in that you're not just spending time with one another - you're spending time together to celebrate your friendships.

Have a Theme | I know this sounds cheesy, but to let's be honest for a minute - if you take it seriously, your friends are more likely to do the same. It doesn't have to be anything super complicated, but if you can't think of anything, feel free to throw up some red and orange streamers and a few crudely hand-turkeys and your friends will think "Hey, you tried."

Potluck Style. For realsies. | You are a college student. Do not try to do everything yourself. I know some people are control freaks in the kitchen. Yes, some people are not helpful outside of making stuffing. But this is a Friendsgiving, not a normal family Thanksgiving, which means you don't have to slave over a turkey for 48 hours - but if that's your style then by all means, have at it.

Invite The Collective People You Want to Be With | I know the phrasing is awkward but there isn't a shorter way to phrase it. The holidays are busy and not everyone is going to be able to come - if two friends can't go, don't invite people for the sake of filling your table. Invite people who 1) you genuinely enjoy spending time with and 2) think would enjoy this Friendsgiving with you and your other friends. If you know from the get-go that they won't get along with your other guests, don't cause yourself the unnecessary stress of dealing with a fist fight over who gets the last bit of stuffing.

Make Something Together | S'mores, popsicle stick frames, hand-turkeys - whatever you decide to do, just do something. This may not apply to everyone (some people just want to do dinner), but I personally believe doing something together as a group (outside of just watching a movie) means better bonding. A different idea is to decorate turkey bags for each other - put everyone's name in a hat, and then you decorate a paper goodie bag with your interpretation of your friend in turkey-form.

Last Minute is for People Who Don't Like Their Friends | Not really, but sort of. Your friends who you haven't seen in months have just arrived and instead of you catching up on how they've been, you're yelling at your significant other about how you can't find the whisk (which is probably buried under the rest of your pots in the sink). The scenario is usually either this or you hiding in the kitchen while you pray your mother-in-law doesn't burst in, asking to help with the pies. A little too adult? You're probably hiding from your boyfriend's best friend's girlfriend-who-you-don't-want-to-make-small-talk-with-but-is-probably-an-okay-person. Potluck style plus taking care of things in advance means you get the most out of your time with your friends - isn't that what Friendsgiving is about?

Have you ever had a Friendsgiving?

Catch you next time.


Little Discoveries

I am so excited for today and this weekend! Today I will be helping run another APPLE event - our APPLEFest with henna, a print-out photobooth, a well-known DJ, caramel apples (duh!), and more! It was slightly stressful trying to pull this event together so quickly on our timeline, but our amazing team pulled through and I couldn't be happier - now we just have to do it!

Also, later tonight my Chapter is having an alumni event at TopGolf. I have never been to TopGolf AND my Pledge Mom is driving down this morning so I am SUPER excited! Quite a few people have teased me about how I play golf and I should be super good at TopGolf but I'm really just super nervous because I haven't hit some balls in months! Oh well, here we go!

Random trips to the Sprinkles ATM are totally okay when you need a pick-me-up, right?

The BEST Vegan Cookies Ever | One of my new friends this semester is a complete vegan, and whenever I hangout at her apartment long enough while doing homework, we usually end up making food (or raiding the potato chips!). While writing our papers for our politics class, Corrine found this recipe and suggested a break. They are so good, they don't even taste vegan!

Insta-Worthy Sites in Every State! | Of course for AZ, this one is kind of obvious. But if you've never 'grammed a photo of our wonderful hole in the ground, were you ever really there, leaning over the railing with your Mom yelling at you that you could die? I kid, I kid.

Adele as Jenny as Adele | You may have already heard of this, but if you haven't, then you need to! Imagine how Adele would do auditioning as an Adele Impersonator! She is absolutely hilarious and I really enjoyed watching her poke fun at herself.

Katniss v. Hermione | I haven't watched too many RapBattle videos but I knew I had to watch this one because, well, Katniss and Hermione. Warning: Some of the jokes are of an adult, mature nature. There were a few times I almost closed the window, but I stuck it out and ultimately, I thought it was worth the watch - some of the burns are pretty good if you love both of these characters.

Need a Thanksgiving Outfit? | Carly's little guide to outfits from pjs to watch the parade to an ensemble for Thanksgiving dinner are perfect. To be honest, I never know what to wear for Thanksgiving dinners - I usually end up in a sweater and jeans, and I pray that my sweater doesn't look too Christmas-y.

Territorial Cup History | Tomorrow is the Territorial Cup - I attend Arizona State University, a school known for many things, but among them is the long-held rivalry with University of Arizona. The game is going to be amazing, I just know it! Catch up on the history of this game and rivalry before watching the game, I promise it will make it that much more fun! Want motivation to get excited about this game? Watch this prank some students played! #Prop200

What are you looking forward to this weekend?!

Catch you next time.


This Is Your Sign

Sometimes we don't do things because we're nervous, anxious, and/or don't feel like we have the ability to accomplish what we want. Sometimes we lose the one thing we've wanted for so long. Sometimes we want to give up and scream and break plates. Sometimes we just want someone to tell us what to do because we feels so brain dead that we aren't sure what to do now.

I believe in you. I believe that you are a competent and capable human being who can do anything their heart desires. I believe in the magic of hope and self-confidence. I believe in telling yourself that you are awesome even when you don't believe it, because fake it 'til you make it is a real 'thing'.

Life is Frustrating. Life is Complicated. As much as we want it to, Life does not owe us anything. Life makes you earn - earn smiles, earn laughter, earn friends, earn trophies. It will be hard, but you are more capable than you have ever thought. Draw on the energy of new experiences.

So, this is your sign: deviate from your norm. Say "yes" to your roommate's blind date. Read that extra article for your paper. Mentor someone younger than you. Volunteer at a Senior Center. Do a load of laundry even though you haven't worn half of your closet. Do something out of your ordinary that may make you happy or sad or angry. Life goes on, but it's more fun when you want it to.

Catch you next time.


Delta Sigma Pi Initiation Fall 2015

This past weekend Gamma Omega welcomed over 30 new Brothers! We are so excited that our family had grown and look forward to everything this new class will do. They are such an embodiment of enthusiasm, drive, and Brotherhood that I know they are going to do such amazing things. Watch out, world. Gamma Omega is coming at you!

So proud of this girl! We met last year and have become such good friends, now Brothers!

Pledge Bros are Forever Bros.

Pledge Mom's secret favorites? We think so!

So proud of JC for running our Chapter so well this semester! Such a great President!

Serving in Y's Community Service Committee has been so rewarding this past semester!

Lookin' spiffy with our wonderful Brotherhood Chair!

I really enjoy seeing how every pledge class has its own personality and will change the Fraternity in very much its own ways. Y'all have had a hard semester, but powering through it, y'all have proven just how awesome y'all are! Now the future awaits.

Good luck, PC Fall 2015.

Catch you next time.

P.S. Shop my Fall Initiation look below!


Little Discoveries

Hi lovelies! A super short post today because there has been a lot going on lately and I've had absolutely no time. Tomorrow is Initiation and today I have meetings pertaining and not pertaining to tomorrow so suffice to say I feel a bit like I'm drowning.

Hopefully some of the little things I'm sharing will make you laugh! By the way, did you notice that today is Friday the 13th? CRAAAAAAAZY.

Hello, Can You Hear Me? | My fave cover of Hello so far. Can't really say too much here other than the fact that I finally listened to Hello, and lo and behold, it's been on repeat ever since.

Willy Wonka and Crew | Forty-four years after the release of the movie, the Willy Wonka crew reunited on TV and I'm pretty sure if I had one in the apartment, it would have exploded. It's really funny to see how everyone looks now and to hear some of the thoughts they remember having on-set!

Found Another Cheerleader | You probably haven't heard this song in a while, so I figured it would be okay to share this - go listen to it right now! I have been in love with Pentatonix since I saw them on The Sing Off ages ago.

The Long-Sleeve You Need | This week I did a post on Kiss My Southern Sass! I am absolutely in love with this impulse-buy long-sleeve. I may live in the Southwest, but darlings, Southern truly is a state of mind!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! What are you looking forward to?!

Catch you next time.


Southern is a State of Mind

Happy Veteran's Day! Many of you may know someone or have a family member in the military - my uncle is in the Air Force. Serving our country is no easy task and I am forever grateful for those who fight for our freedom. Whether it's Veteran's Day or not, please remember to thank our servicemen when you see them. I hope y'all have a safe, fun, celebratory day!

A couple of weeks ago I announced that I was accepted into the Kiss My Southern Sass Clothing Co. Representative program! KMSS is such an amazing company, founded in late March 2012 by an incredibly wonderful and motivated college student at the University of Georgia.

One of the reasons I was so excited about joining the KMSS family is based on some of the principles the company itself was founded, especially about being who you are and not apologizing for it. KMSS is filled with so many amazing young women and I can't wait to not only be a Rep, but to use it to help further the platform of female empowerment.

I really love this long sleeve shirt for two reasons. First, these pictures were taken when it was freezing outside. I love cold weather, but when you're trying to take blog pictures, sudden gusts of chilling air are not your best friend. Second reason I love this shirt so much? The back of it! Southern is most definitely a state of mind. This shirt is super comfy and perfect for wearing to the library or Economics!

Catch you next time.


Oops, Today Is My Birthday?

Three months ago, J yelled across our hallway saying "Hey Mikk, last day of Book of Mormon is a Sunday in November, we're going." And I said okay. Best Decision Ever. Warning: This is NOT the musical you take the kids you're babysitting to or the one you ask your grandmother to come with (well, unless she has a more modern sense of humor). Yes, it is content meant for mature audiences not easily offended.

A lot happened yesterday, but my favorite part of the musical? Aside from finally hearing "I Believe" live, it had to be that the stars *of their own heart and will* promoted national and local organizations working to help people dealing with various cancers and HIV. Yes, the musical makes jokes of a lot of things (some, admittedly, did make me cringe slightly) but the fact that they are also using this platform to raise awareness of these services to help others warms my heart.

Would you believe me if I said that this year my birthday creeped up on me? I have been so stressed and so busy lately that while I knew that my birthday was coming up, I didn't try to make any plans or even send my Mom my extremely detailed wish list. This was really a nice little present from my past self.

At the very least, my agreeing to see Book of Mormon a few months ago is proof that I am making progress on making time for myself and saying "YES" to more fun experiences. Being extremely busy sometimes means having to turn down opportunities that could make you really happy and I don't want that. Here's to saying "YES" a little bit more.

Yes, I did jump without shoes. Yes, it did hurt. But, yes, it was worth it!

J, her little sister, and I had the opportunity to meet a few members of the cast and it was amazing!

Also, really glad I finally had the chance to meet J's sister - she is so sweet and even made us pancakes that morning!

If I had a dollar for every time anyone ever asked me if we're in a sorority and if J is my Little, I'd be probably be rich enough to actually be a sorority Big.

Dress (Similar) | Necklace (Currently on sale for $39!) | Purse (Similar) | Shoes

I am so blessed to have such amazing friends and wonderful followers like all of you! Thank Y'ALL so much for supporting me and TSP over the past year - I couldn't have done it without all of you.

Catch you next time.


Happy Birthday, Delta Sigma Pi!

This week is a big week not only for Delta Sigma Pi, but my Chapter as well! This week we are celebrating the birth of our Fraternity and the founding of our Chapter. I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing organization of like-minded and driven people. I know I've used some of these pictures a lot, but that's because they really do show off what I believe to be some of the best parts of DSP.

LOVE and miss my Big!

Pledge Moms are the best.

Bro-dates to music festivals are prime.

Is it really an event if you don't have an awkward candid to show the other photos are posed?

The cutest Big-Littles you've ever seen.

Of course I brought letters to France.

Recruitment 2015: #RushDSP

Attending events and posing as Big-Little for cute things like this.

Pledge Bros. Music. Always a great time.

Wanna stalk us? Do it!

Catch you next time.


Halloween 2015

This Halloween, the roommates and I dressed up as Taylor Swift and some of her famous friends from the Bad Blood music video. I wasn't really sure I was going to dress up and do Halloween this year, but after a few conversations (and the sprouting of this group costume idea) I knew I had to give in.

J is an amazingly creative person and decided that we were going to a mini photoshoot and edit the pictures to really give the costumes an extra oompf. As you can see, she did an amazing job!

Halloween was definitely a fun night, though I personally enjoyed getting ready the most. If you don't enjoy getting ready for events, then you're definitely not doing it with the right people - the most fun is when you have too many girls crammed in a bathroom trying to do each other's hair and makeup. That is exactly where some of the best memories are made.

Did you dress up for Halloween?!

Catch you next time.


Fun Facts to Start Your Week

Happy Monday! I hope y'all had a fun and amazing weekend! Em and I kicked off Saturday by shopping for my costume parts and getting Sprinkles cupcakes (can you say AMAZING).

J and I are editing our Halloween photos and those should be coming up on the blog later this week. Our apartment decided on being Taylor Swift and some of the Bad Blood crew so I am really excited to share the photos with y'all.

Sometimes Mondays are really hard, especially if you have to start them off at 7:30 in the morning the weekend after a holiday like Halloween (BTW go to the store and grab some of the discount candy!), so I thought I'd help y'all kick off your week with some random fun facts to put a smile on your face.

November is also known as Peanut Butter Lovers Month.

Ketchup was sold in the early 19th century as medicine.

The working title of the movie Wall E was 'Trash Planet'.

The average person eats 8 lbs. of grapes a year.

The average golf ball has 336 dimples.

Spectre comes out in theatres this week.

Some of these may not have made you smile, but hey, you just learned a few random facts that you might not have known before and that's worth something, isn't it? You can never stop learning!

Catch you next time.

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