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Last Friday, I was very fortunate to attend a blogger event hosted by the Phoenix Style Tribe! I had the amazing opportunity to not only meet so many amazing women, but I was able to try a barre class from TenPoint5 Scottsdale!

I'll be doing a post about it soon, but I thought I'd share an amazing opportunity TenPoint5 is offering my TSP followers: two weeks of unlimited classes for only $39. If you are interested in trying out barre, I definitely recommend it - it's so fun and it doesn't feel like a boring workout!

The Foodnited States of America | As awful as some of them can be, I love puns. A dad and a little boy started a hilarious project to not only make all 50 states out of food, but give them the punniest names possible. Scrolling through this with my roommates was a blast - what is your state?!

Arrow Season 4 Trailer | Arrow is my absolute favorite TV show and the season 4 trailer was released today on Stephen Amell's Facebook AND IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. Of course, I shared the video to all my friends who love the show and I knew I had to share it with y'all - the trailer is so cool and it looks like a movie!

Labor Day Sales | I Believe in Pink is one of my favorite blogs to follow and blogger Amy released a list of the different sales going on this Labor Day weekend - did I mention J. Crew Factory is doing 50% off of EVERYTHING?!

College Kids Being Resourceful | While I have never seen anyone do some of these and I know people who have done others (one of my friends last year never store-bought a gallon of milk), I couldn't stop myself from laughing at these.

#ForceFriday | Y'all already know I'm a huge nerd. I have two different pairs of Star Wars socks and I always wear them with pride. A LOT of stuff is coming out, and although the movie merch seems to be slightly targeted towards children, you can probably find something you'll love.

Are you excited for this three-day weekend? I've had a long weekend of Recruitment - it isn't over yet, but I love it! I am so excited that Bid Day and the new pledge class are almost here!

Catch you next time.


  1. O fun times. We liked Force Friday also.

  2. HAHA. How did your friend get their milk?


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