Revlon and Cosmopolitan #LoveIsOn Campus Tour

Sorry this post is a little late, but I knew I had to push today's scheduled post for this! I was walking back to the Business School area after my French exam today and there was a booth beside the walkway sponsored by Revlon and Cosmopolitan for free mini-makeovers - how fun?!

The makeup artists were super sweet and wonderful ladies - they were real troopers for doing this event in the hundred plus degree heat over here! Of course, my inner girly girl and blogger self could not resist not even just stopping by to see what all of the commotion was about. Wow, did it end up being worth it!

I had the amazing opportunity to try out some of Revlon's newest products, including their new foundation! It's really lightweight and had really nice coverage - definitely a new product to look into possibly using for my routine make-up days.

They even had a photo booth - I tried to do a jumping picture but it didn't turn out the best, but hey I tried! At the end of the day, you can always laugh at how ridiculous the picture turned out (which is what really matters, duh).

If you're a college student, keep your eyes peeled for the #LoveIsOn campaign possibly coming to your campus!

Catch you next time.


My 5 Favorite Things About Coffee

So tomorrow is National Coffee Day, and I really want to pay tribute to the very thing that kept me awake from the time I stepped off the plane from Vegas to finishing my politics paper due this afternoon. Thank you, coffee, my dear friend. To pay tribute, I thought I'd share my top 5 favorite things about coffee! Here we go:

Caffeine is a Lifesaver | This one is obvious, but beyond true. While I am a fan of it, I am not a daily coffee drinker. During Finals Week, I may drink coffee two or three times in a row, but I really try to save it for those emergency days where I really can't live without it - when you eat or drink something over and over, your body could eventually build up a form of tolerance or immunity to it, and then you'd end up drinking even more to get the same effect.

Good for Small Talk | Meeting for coffee is one of the simplest and easiest ways to do meetings. Want a short meeting? Get your coffee beforehand and then drink as you chat. Want a long meeting? Wait for your friend and go through the line together before finding a place to sit and talk. Super easy idea for going over event plans, studying, or doing a pre-date.

Coffee Has a Rich History | Have you tried to research coffee? The amount of history you can find on it is fascinating! According to this article, there's a myth that coffee originates from an Ethiopian goat herder. Also, it says that coffee plants can live 200 years?! How cool is that! Bonus: The first first licensed coffee brewer in the U.S. was a woman. Boom.

It Revives the Dead | Okay, not really, but sort of? This kind of relates to the first, but this one applies more to what I've seen it do to other people. One of my roommates absolutely cannot function without a cup of coffee in the morning. One time before I learned this, I tried to talk economics and accounting with her and I'm still not sure if death glares can physically scar you or not.

The Future of Coffee | I'm a fan of eco-friendly and sustainability initiatives and there is quite a bit of research being done into other uses for coffee. This is a long ways into the future, but could you imagine a time when coffee beans could be used to replace fossil fuels?

What's your favorite thing about coffee?! Did you celebrate National Coffee Day?

Catch you next time.


Little Discoveries

I was thinking about starting off this post with another "This week was tough, hopefully next week is better" but I really don't want to jinx it so let's go with "I'm taking a last-minute trip home for my little sister's birthday so wish me luck on staying on top of everything else going on in my life".

Was that too much?

I'm really excited to spend time with my family for the first time since I moved back down here for the school year. I have been really busy and haven't really been able to talk to them too much lately.

Also, this whole flight fiasco has been one big, well, Fiasco. Yes, with a capital F. My flight leaves in a few hours so I'll talk to y'all soon!

P. S. Here's a sneak peek into my room - I'm still not done decorating, but when done, it will definitely have its own post on here!

YAY Courtney and Cats | Facebook's most popular post this past quarter is THIS video, put together by one of my very best friends and mentors, Courtney. C interned with America's Funniest Home Videos over the summer (IN ADDITION TO INTERNING IN CANNES), so I guess you could say I have some pretty cool friends.

Designer Double Mastectomy Bras | 100% love this. Breast cancer runs in part of my family so campaigns like this always brighten my days. Stella McCartney is releasing a new bra line just for breast cancer survivors and supporters and although the prices are a bit much for my liking, I definitely support the idea.

Baby Waldorf Is In The Building | Have you heard the good news? In case you non-Upper East Siders haven't heard, Queen B's had a baby and it's a little girl named Arlo Day. Leighton and her husband, Adam, are a gorgeous couple and you can only imagine how adorable little Arlo is.

Dealing With Criticism | I love when Maxie guest posts on The College Prepster because her posts are always about feeling better about yourself and life. Oftentimes, Maxie's advice is somehow really well-timed with things going on in my life and I'm really happy for it!

Falllon's Barbershop Quartet Covers Rihanna | Last night, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (one of the many men on my list of imaginary husbands) guest-starred on another episode of Fallon and it was great. On top of the regular shenanigans, Levitt joined the barbershop quartet to sing Rihanna. How did you spend your Thursday night?

The Pope In NYC | The Pope has been keeping himself busy on his tour of the world, and in case you didn't know, he's here in the States! I was taking a look at the schedule and I guess I don't have a chance of seeing him (side note: I didn't have the chance to see him when I was at the Vatican this summer) but this article did make me smile quite a bit.

Studying For Exams | This is the latest Freshman Five post I published last week and I just wanted to thank y'all so much for your support. I have received quite a few beyond thoughtful comments and emails and I'm really glad that so many of you find this post helpful!

Are you excited for this weekend?!

Catch you next time.


An Injection of Inspiration: Quotes on Success

This past week has been a rough week - I was hoping it would have been easier after getting all of those exams over with last Thursday, but it seems Lady Luck really didn't want to be on my side. When I am stressed out and busy, two things happen: I I usually binge-eat junk food and I begin thinking I'm a failure at life. Obviously these are both very destructive bad habits.

To solve the first problem, I just wanted to mention Freshii - I have mentioned it once or twice in posts before, but this place is honestly one of the reasons I have kept my stress-eating from turning me into a circus ball. Healthy food on the go is a lifesaver!

Losing faith in yourself is one of the worst things that can happen in general, but tack on a mountain of homework and stressful classes and you've got a recipe for disaster. I was losing a little faith in myself earlier this week and decided to look up some quotes about success - I really liked a few and thought I'd share them here!

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it. - Pearl S. Buck

I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it. - Maya Angelou

Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom. - General George Patton

I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure, which is: Try to please everybody. - Herbert B. Swope

What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail? - Robert Schuller

You can, you should, and if you are brave enough to start, you will. - Stephen King

What is your favorite inspirational quote at the moment?

Catch you next time.


That's a Nice Bootie

It may still be like summer over here in the Great Southwest, but Fall seems to be rearing its head all over the place! I was browsing some of the many sales currently going on with all the necessary Fall essentials and could not get over how cute some of these booties are - I knew I had to share them!

Most of the booties linked below are under $60!

Are you excited for Fall? I can't wait for it to cool down some more over here on the West Coast - 110 degree Septembers are not on my "Love" list!

Catch you next time.


Little Discoveries

If you've been following along on my SnapChat adventures recently (MikkSalamatin - go follow me!), then you know that this past week has quite literally been "Hell Week". Yesterday alone, I had three exams, three meetings, a career fair to attend, and an event to help run.

I have traversed the whole nine yards in terms of sleep deprivation, sessions of binge-eating (I finished my first whole pizza on Wednesday night!), and lack of mental presence. To say that I am beyond excited for sleep and Netflix this weekend would be a severe understatement.

For the record, the picture above is not the pizza I binge-ate Wednesday night in between meetings. This is a bacon and clam pizza from a health restaurant on campus that is wow-that-was-surprisingly-tasty-and-satisfying kind of way.

Ariana Grande's Impressions On Point Once Again | Pretty much everyone and their mother now knows that Ariana Grande's impressions of various celebrities are absolutely amazing, but every single time, no matter what, her Celine Dion impression gets me every time! Also, side note: another Fallon must-watch.

The New Girl on New Girl | Zooey Deschanel is still on maternity leave (wah, brb slight crying), but that also means there's a new roommate showing up for a little while and the network just released who: Megan Fox! So excited to see how this goes!

A Timelapse of the Universe: To Scale | You're in the middle of the desert with a bunch of friends, what do you do? If you're one of these scientists, you make the world's first timelapse of the universe that is actually to scale. Crazy nerdy cool.

Naming Your Autobiography | I absolutely LOVE Katie's blog and this is one of my favorite posts from her, ever. I'm not too sure what mine would be - maybe something like So Busy That Sleep is a Dream or Sneaky SnapChats Are My Thing.

A Little Something to Warm Your Heart | This dad "built" Lightning McQueen for his son - he turned his cherry-red mustang into the beloved Disney race car. This is seriously one of the cutest things I have ever heard of!

Exam Study Tips | Have a few exams coming up? I recently wrote a Freshman Five on some of the study tips and strategies that I have personally found to be helpful and effective. I haven't read some of these anywhere else yet so I thought I'd share them here!

Hope y'all have an amazing weekend! What will you be up to?

Catch you next time.


Freshman Five: Studying for Exams

We are officially past the first few weeks of school and courses are starting to take their turn for the worse - Syllabus Week seems like it was an eternity ago and your first round of exams are coming up. I have had it slightly worse than most people - approaching the fourth week of school, I've already done two papers, two exams, and I have three more exams this week (two of them are tomorrow, so wish me luck!).

It is really easy to lose yourself either in your activities or simply in the homework you're doing right now and forget that exams really are their own species of beast. In some classes, mostly upper division however, a single exam could make up 25-50% of your overall final grade.

I have friends in quite an array of majors and from talking to them, I have compiled what I hope to be a short but comprehensive set of tips for exam prep in whatever major. Hope these help!

Take Real Notes. At Some Point. | This is mostly based on your personality and learning type, but in some way you need to take notes. Auditory learners improve their retention when they are able to write it down or repeat/rephrase it. Whether you do it in-class or as you review the PowerPoints afterwards, it has been proven in multiple learning studies that taking notes engages another area of your brain and helps activate your long-term memory.

Glance At Your Notes Before Bed | During a discussion with my French teacher (I'm currently taking an intensive beginner's program!), she suggested looking over notes before bed because it gets your brain going - and somehow that helps your brain when you go to sleep. I'm definitely not a neurologist, but honestly, I did this before my first French exam and I really do believe it helped in some sense.

Approach Music With Caution | Instrumental music is your best friend. If you're one of those people that can tune out anything and go to sleep at the drop of the hat, then this may not apply to you. If you are not one of those people, then do not, I repeat, do not listen to songs with lyrics while studying. Even when you're not trying to, your brain will take in the lyrics and focus attention on that rather than what you are trying to study. Study smarter, not harder.

When You Look Good, You Feel Good | Trying to do homework when you're a bit too comfy in your pjs and piled under pillows, for most people, is a bad idea. Unless this is a five-alarm emergency and your quiz is due in 10 minutes, you're probably not going to be super productive. Get up out of bed, brush your teeth, fix your hair, and sure you can leave the sweatshirt on, but put some real pants on. Your body responds to its surroundings - it will be a lot harder to get into "Buckle Down and Study" mode if it feels like its in "Sleep and Do Nothing" mode.

Try to Tutor Your Friends | This, in my personal opinion, is the best way to study. If you can't explain your reasoning or method behind an answer, chances are that you don't understand as well as you think. Doing this not only shows you what you don't know, but reinforces what you do know, and you now have another person who can ask questions and make you think more critically.

Bonus Tip: SLEEP | I have said this once, twice, three times on this blog and I will never stop saying it: I don't care if you say "Sleep is for the weak/dead/old" - SLEEP IS IMPORTANT. Several studies my French professor brought up during one of our classes was that you're better off getting a good night's rest before the test. If you cram the whole night before, you're not only exhausted but your rate of retention will be extremely low in comparison to if you had studied properly. I'm in college too, I know how tempting it is to stay up until 3 a.m. every night: BUT DON'T DO IT. This is not only for your grades, but your overall well-being. If you don't take care of your health, your grades mean jack squat.

Whether it be studying for a Calculus midterm or a Theatre monologue, or even prepping for a company presentation, I think these are some of the most important things to keep in mind! If you have any extra tips, leave them down below!

Catch you next time.


Cartes Postales de la Tour Eiffel

Happy Monday!

I was going through some more pictures from my various trips this summer and realized that I hadn't posted these pictures of the Eiffel Tower. I really love how they look and just thought I'd share them with y'all! It's such a beautiful piece of architecture and the view from the top is amazing!

Gosh, isn't it beautiful? We didn't know, but at midnight, the Eiffel Tower actually has a little light show - it's really great to watch! On top of it just being a really nice experience, a lot of people like to hang out on the lawn in front of it and play music, creating a really fun atmosphere! It is mostly younger people (read: mostly college-aged crowd, but there were plenty of families and older couples).

Catch you next time.


Little Discoveries

Fourteen years ago, this country faced a tragedy. Since then, we have come together in our love for our country to prevent that event from occurring again. Bless the souls who left this Earth too soon and THANK YOU to everyone who has served this country. We will never forget 9/11.

Okay, slight warning: this edition of Little Discoveries is a bit nerdier than normal.

Lip Sync Battle: Ellen on Fallon | I love Ellen. And Jimmy. And Lip Sync Battles. This is just pure awesomeness - if it hasn't already made its way on to your screen yet then you need to watch this pronto.

Big Bang Wedding | Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite TV shows - not being able to watch it regularly has made me feel pretty sad inside (hello, Netflix, please fix this - no DVD player means no rentals!). Spoiler alert: one of my fave couples is getting married in the upcoming season and I'm SO excited.

Criticizing the Wrong Dreams? | This is an Odyssey piece written by a friend of mine at Creighton. I love T-Swift's "Wildest Dreams" video and was disappointed at the types of criticism people were throwing at it. Nick's writing perfectly articulates how people are failing to see the video for what it really is, and instead are focusing on the wrong things.

New iPhone, New iPad | So Apple released info about the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus - but more people are talking about what's going on with the new iPad. Steve Jobs once said "If you see a stylus, they blew it." Erm, the new iPad is kind of huge and I think for now I'll stick to my Air.

Marvel's Jessica Jones Coming At Ya | Netflix, yes. Marvel, yes. Female main character, HECK YES. Once again Netflix and Marvel are doing something right and I am so excited to see how it turns out - the episodes will all be released at the same time, so binge session anyone?

Catch you next time.


Giveaway: Anjolee Tennis Bracelet

As many of you may know, I have been sick lately - but I'm back with a surprise that I'm sure many of you will love!

Anjolee is a great company that specializes in custom jewelry - they do everything from necklaces to bracelets! I'm not a huge bracelet person because I like to keep my jewelry fairly simple, but I love this tennis bracelet Anjolee sent me. If you're looking for a cute tennis bracelet diamond, Anjolee is definitely one of the places to check out!

I was going to do a little fashion post about it for myself, but my roommate Emily actually had a personal event going on and let me do a mini photoshoot of her with it. The pictures turned out really cute - please feel free to give her some Instagram love! 

You can enter to win this bracelet from Anjolee in the Rafflecopter below!

May the odds be ever in your favor! Good luck!

Catch you next time.


Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!

One of my roommates and I decided to kick off Labor Day weekend on Friday with homemade pancakes and whipped cream. Boy, was it a workout, but it was definitely worth it for all of that deliciousness!

Hope y'all enjoy your extra day of the weekend and use it to either take a breather from everything you have going on or to be extra productive and get ahead in your work, school things, etc - you can do it!

Catch you next time.


Little Discoveries

Last Friday, I was very fortunate to attend a blogger event hosted by the Phoenix Style Tribe! I had the amazing opportunity to not only meet so many amazing women, but I was able to try a barre class from TenPoint5 Scottsdale!

I'll be doing a post about it soon, but I thought I'd share an amazing opportunity TenPoint5 is offering my TSP followers: two weeks of unlimited classes for only $39. If you are interested in trying out barre, I definitely recommend it - it's so fun and it doesn't feel like a boring workout!

The Foodnited States of America | As awful as some of them can be, I love puns. A dad and a little boy started a hilarious project to not only make all 50 states out of food, but give them the punniest names possible. Scrolling through this with my roommates was a blast - what is your state?!

Arrow Season 4 Trailer | Arrow is my absolute favorite TV show and the season 4 trailer was released today on Stephen Amell's Facebook AND IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. Of course, I shared the video to all my friends who love the show and I knew I had to share it with y'all - the trailer is so cool and it looks like a movie!

Labor Day Sales | I Believe in Pink is one of my favorite blogs to follow and blogger Amy released a list of the different sales going on this Labor Day weekend - did I mention J. Crew Factory is doing 50% off of EVERYTHING?!

College Kids Being Resourceful | While I have never seen anyone do some of these and I know people who have done others (one of my friends last year never store-bought a gallon of milk), I couldn't stop myself from laughing at these.

#ForceFriday | Y'all already know I'm a huge nerd. I have two different pairs of Star Wars socks and I always wear them with pride. A LOT of stuff is coming out, and although the movie merch seems to be slightly targeted towards children, you can probably find something you'll love.

Are you excited for this three-day weekend? I've had a long weekend of Recruitment - it isn't over yet, but I love it! I am so excited that Bid Day and the new pledge class are almost here!

Catch you next time.

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