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Thursday was the first official day of classes - it was a little rough but I got through it! Today has been a pretty busy day as well, in fact in a few hours I will be on a bus full of freshmen headed to a camp in Prescott for Camp Carey! I am so excited to see these new SunDevils bond and experience school pride in a way they never had before. The camp runs the whole weekend so be sure to follow me on SnapChat and Instagram (@MikkSalamatin) to see some of the fun!

I am guilty of falling down the rabbit hole on Pinterest, especially when it comes to 'Wedding Inspiration' even though I am most definitely not in a relationship. But a girl can still dream about the event anyways, right?

Walgreens and Unilever Helping You Help Others

I am a huge fan of when companies team up with consumers to help others. Carly of The College Prepster talks about Walgreens and Unilever's #GIVEH2OPE campaign. When you buy products by Caress, Suave, or TRESemmé at Walgreens before September 30th, a donation of five gallons of clean water will be given to a family-in-need through the partnership with Unilever and the Me to We Foundation.

One of the Best 'Trap Queen' Covers Ever

This summer I've been slightly obsessed with the song 'Trap Queen'. A lot of people don't like it, and whether or not you're one of them, I think you need to listen to this cover. It's so different from the original and Josh Levi's voice is just great. I do have to admit that this is only my second favorite one though, because Ed Sheeran's cover has my heart.

J. Law Is The World's Highest Paid Actress

Every year Forbes releases a list of the world's top paid actors (this year's is once again Robert Downey, Jr.) and actresses. This year's top three actresses were Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johannson, and Melissa McCarthy! I am really excited for Mockingjay Part 2, hopefully another Avengers (why isn't there a Black Widow movie?!), and I loved Spy.

ANOTHER Disney Princess!

This past January I let you guys know that the first Disney Latina Princess, Elena, was announced, and once again Disney is showing its diversifying its spread of Princesses even further with the announcement of a Polynesian Princess, Moana! Unlike Elena, however, Moana is getting her own movie! So exciting!

How has your week been? What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Catch you next time.


  1. Haha I have been obsessed with Trap Queen this summer too! Who knows what he's singing about... but such a catchy song. ;-)

    Hope you had a great weekend, girl!

    xoxo A

  2. Loved reading about Jennifer Lawrence and the new Disney princess!

  3. Awesome links here, girlfriend! Way to go J. Law, Scarlett and MM!

    Coming Up Roses

  4. Way to go, my girl J. Law!!! These are such awesome links/random facts. Love it!

    Stephanie Ziajka
    Diary of a Debutante

  5. J Law is my girl! I want to see the new movie coming out with her and Bradley Cooper!



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