Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale 2015

Earlier today, my best friend came over so that we could begin catching up on everything we'd missed out on over the past few weeks that I've been gone and she's been working. It was great catching up with her, but next thing we knew, I was going on and on about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to her and the site was pulled up on my laptop!

This is one of the sales of the year, especially because it comes at just the right time - it's still hot and summer-y, but certain areas of the country are starting to gear up for Fall. You can shop early if you have a Nordstrom's card, but if you don't want to do that, the sale opens up to everyone on Friday! {Fun Fact: If you do decide to get the card, you'll earn double points if you use the card!}

If you're like me and like to plan a little early, here are some of my favorites that I picked out!

Coats | Finding the perfect coat for Fall/Winter can be So. Hard. Some are super cute but too light or too heavy. Others are great statement pieces, but just that: they have to be statement pieces. Well, whatever the occasion you need it for, here are some of the coats that caught my eye!

Business Dresses | I am a huge advocate of bringing color into the workplace! I have regular suits, but dresses and blazers and my favorite to mix and match for any number of professional events - from events with my Fraternity to the internship I had this past Spring!

Shoes | Okay, no real theme for this one because, well, SHOES. Who cares what the weather is like?! Even if you can't wear them now, this is a great time to get that pair you've been eyeing - you can always wear them next year!

Oh and by the way? If you're searching for accessories, I'm dying over this Kendra Scott necklace and this Kate Spade watch. Happy shopping! Do you know what you're buying?

Catch you next time.

P. S.  Want 10% off the cutest stuff at Sugar Spice & Sparkle?! Use "SWPREP" at checkout!


  1. love these picks! I am so excited to shop this sale.

  2. I've totally been in the market for a good, warm black coat- I may have to snag this one!

  3. Cute picks! I seriously cannot wait for the sale (credit cards scare me), my shopping bag is already WAYY too full! haha


  4. I love those Cole Haan boots so much!

  5. SUCH great picks, gal! I'm so excited for Fall. Seeing fall fashions come out gets me all giddy inside...I can't wait to wear boots and scarves and coats with my sweet little boy in tow!


  6. Be still my sale-loving heart. This is my favorite sale of the year and I cannot wait to go shopping. Fall clothes are the best clothes :)

  7. Love it all! I am thinking I will scoop up a new bag and sunglasses for the Fall! xo, Jessica

  8. UGH this sale is totally draining my bank account! So cute, I love your picks!! Xo
    Chelsea // trendychelsea.wordpress.com

  9. These are great choices, thanks for sharing!


  10. Those are beautiful. ..thanks for sharing

  11. I love Nordstrom and am so stoked for this sale!

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  12. You can't go wrong with booties! They go with everything and you can wear them year round :)

  13. Love your shoe picks. I'm dying to shop it - just one more day! ;)



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