Little Discoveries and Day Designer Giveaway

Hi lovelies! I have a bit of a short Little Discoveries this week because SURPRISE: I'm giving away a Day Designer from the Blue Sky Collaboration!

We are getting really close to TSP's first birthday and I wanted to thank y'all so much for your support, from your super sweet comments to just reading the newest post I put up - it really means a lot to me!

Professional Third-Wheeling 

Have you ever been a third wheel? I have! I've honestly been a third, fifth, seventh, and even ninth (yes, that's possible) wheel. But Peter Alden takes the cake for professional third wheeling - he has pretty much been the third wheel between his brother and his own best friend. For three years. While this situation really does make me slightly internally cringe (and laugh a little!), Alden has found a way to make it HILARIOUS. He's been keeping an Insta account dedicated to photos of him photobombing the couple's photos. Why didn't I ever think of something like this?!

Updating Your Favorite Sneakers

I love my Chuck Taylor's. I know they are a little outside of the realm of 'fashion', but they're simple, fun (I mean, have you seen how many colors they come in?!), and now they're getting an update for the first time in 98 years! Don't worry the classic style we all know and love isn't changing, but they are being made to be more comfortable and support arches better - who can say no to that?! I'm so excited to try on a pair - as much as I love the pairs I own, I could use a little more support for my ankles.

Epic Patty Cake Song

It's FRI-YAY! But are you feeling a little down? Watch this video and if you're human, you may just feel a little tickle in your heart after listening to this song. It's catchy, cute, and I absolutely love it! Plus, you may recognize Alyson Stoner in the video - oh, you know, from Cheaper by the Dozen, Phineas and Ferb, the Step Up movies, etc.

Need Fast Cash? Seek Solutions Elsewhere. 

Those of you who have been around for a while (by the way, I love you guys!) know that I love The Broke and Beautiful Life, a personal finance blog by an amazing woman named Stefanie. From time to time I share a post of hers that I find not only insightful but something I consider helpful and that I think others could benefit from. In this particular post, Stefanie explains why certain money-making methods may not be practical/viable.


This is the gold striped "Daily" planner which includes Daily Calendars, Monthly Calendars, Yearly Reference Calendars, and Notes Pages.

Day Designers are stylish planners that make organizing more fun and less chore-feeling.

Enter in the Rafflecopter below - I know everybody has different preferences on media, so I decided to just put them all on here to give y'all more entries as well as more choices on how YOU would rather follow TSP.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Catch you next time.


  1. Woah woah woah! All over that Day Designer giveaway! I've been eyeing those for ages! But also the third wheel account is my favorite thing on Instagram! So hilarious!

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Emily | www.emilyanddot.com

  2. Such a cute planner, M! Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Friday + hope you're doing well this summer.

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  3. This planner looks amazing ! Major planner crush !

    Cheers, Jennifer

  4. Such a cute planner! As a fellow blogger, I desperately rely on mine to get through my weeks of planning. Such a great price :)


  5. I'm so excited about the new converse! I've been needing to buy a new pair since I wear mine to the ground and it will definitely be nice to have some extra support! I accidentally ran around in them all day for a scavenger hunt and my shins were sore for a week! haha
    Also, the planner is super cute! Looking forward to decorating mine for this upcoming semester! :)

  6. That third wheeling instagram is fantastic, I definitely have had my fair share of third wheeling in my life! I also can't wait to try on the new converse!

  7. AHH! I would love a new planner. I use them all the time and mine is so boring right now!

    -The Preppy Student

  8. OMG I'm dying with the third-wheeling instagram, it's too good! Hahahaha
    Congratulations on your blog's 1st year, that's an awesome feat! :)

    Ane | Basque Prep

  9. What an awesome giveaway! I love that the Day Designer has the day broken down into segments. I would love to use mine as a marketing calendar!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  10. What an amazing giveaway! I just picked up the exact same one from Target this morning, I love it! :)

  11. Such a fab giveaway!
    If I won, I would use it for blogging :)

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  12. Would love to win! I would use this as a blogging planner.

  13. As a teacher and a blogger, I'm always scheduling out lessons and blog posts. This would be IDEAL!!! Thanks for the opportunity Mikkaela!

    Penn&Quill || Robin

  14. I love that the Day Designer is basically like an organized to-do list! I make to-do lists almost daily when school is in session, so it would be nice to have a more organized place to make those lists!

    Colleen | Buckeye Bliss


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