Česky Krumlov

Imagine a beautiful little countryside town - rolling hills, peaceful river, tall towers, and a picturesque little castle. That is Česky Krumlov. I know everybody's talked about small towns, but this is the epitome of a small town: we walked across the entire thing in 25 minutes!

If any of y'all happen to make it to Prague (only a three hour bus ride away - even faster by car!) or the Czech Republic in general, I strongly suggest checking out this little town. It's a historical site, absolutely beautiful, and a great place for a little hiking and rafting! The girls and I had an absolute blast - and we were there for only 24 hours!

This was our last weekend trip of our Summer Study Abroad - so crazy to look back on it and think about how I was across the globe only a few weeks ago! It was nice to end the program in a more relaxed and nature-y area - where do you like to go for weekend trips?

Catch you next time.

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  1. Oh, how lovely! I'm super jealous. You got some really beautiful shots.


  2. Wow! Such a great place to spend a Summer abroad. I had the same surreal feeling when I returned my Summer abroad trip in college
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  3. Wow, how fun! We go to the beach most weekends, and then whatever random things I'd like to do on the island. That is fun you got to spend a summer abroad so fun!

  4. Looks like so much fun! That's one thing I wish I did in college. Just means I have to take more trips now as an adult ;)


  5. Ahh love this post! So glad you're participating in the Linkup too!!!!

    Emily | www.emilyanddot.com


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