All American Weekend

Hope y'all had a great Fourth of July weekend!

To kick off the weekend on Friday, my family went to see SPY (which I LOVED; it's honestly like the American take on Kingsman because "Humor!"). It's super funny - so many one-liners and quotes! - and my undying love for Jude Law despite his aging was confidently reaffirmed.

Saturday was not only Independence Day, but also my grandmother's birthday AND the day of the Women's World Cup Semi-Final between Germany and England. We went to Las Vegas to celebrate with my mom's family. There was a lot of food (I wasn't able to take pictures because everyone was starving and ate as soon as the food was ready), fun, and yelling at the television screen about strategic plays. Also, right after dinner my sister and I snuck off to take pictures for this post!

On Sunday, my dad and I drove down to Tempe to drop my little sister off at the Southwest Speech and Debate Institute (SWSDI) being held at my university, Barrett Honors at Arizona State! Exactly four years ago, my dad and sister drove to drop me off and now it's my sister's turn to take on the debate mantle. On the way home, my dad and I stopped at a restaurant to watch the USWNT kick some MAJOR booty in Vancouver #SHEBELIEVES (still salty that we could have been there in the stadium if my sister hadn't been jealous!).

This weekend was jam-packed with American awesomeness and I loved every minute of it!

Shirt: TopShop | Shorts: Target Similar Shorts: Nasty Gal | Shoes: Converse All-Stars

My favorite thing about these shorts is that the flag design is only on the front! I hold a deep respect for the American flag (i.e. Never let it touch the ground, fold it properly, etc) and having plain denim in the back definitely sold me on this pair!

So how was your Fourth of July weekend?! Did you watch the USWNT game?

Catch you next time.

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazingly fun weekend!

  2. Perfect outfit for the 4th! I love those shorts. That last picture is great. Go 'Merica! =)

  3. Oh my goodness these shorts are so cute!

  4. Loving this outfit for 4th of July! Perfect to bring that american spirit!

  5. Very cute outfit, looks great ! The poses look really fun too, thanks for sharing!


  6. Cute outfits. Looks like you love 'Merica (the red, white, and blue) like my daughters. ;)

  7. Love the shorts!!


  8. Sounds like you had a ball! Mine was very quiet and uneventful.

  9. I LOVE your shorts! You definitely look all American!

  10. I love your shorts, hope you had a great 4th!!


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