Sleepless in Seattle

Happy Hump Day, lovelies!

I am smack dab in the middle of Finals Week and it's kind of killing me. Monday was rough, Tuesday was okay, today is going to be one of the hardest days of my life because I have THREE FINALS TOMORROW.

To make it worse, it's not even like they're one after the other or at great times! My Jane Austen final is at 7:10am, Communications at 12pm, and Analytics (Math) at 7:10pm. Just the sounds of this is making my stomach roll as I type! I really don't want to pull another all-nighter but I may just have to. But enough about Finals, let's talk about films!


Am I the only person who *until now* hasn't seen Sleepless in Seattle?!

I've heard references to it, I love both Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (especially their older movies!), but for some reason I never watched it until last night when I decided to put a Netflix movie on while I started packing up my dorm (boo, school year is almost officially over). Actually, I can answer that: for some weird reason, I've thought Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman's While You Were Sleeping was Sleepless in Seattle. I know, I know, and I try to call myself a film fanatic!

Anyways, this is for those of you who, like me from last night, had just never seen this classic! The little boy playing Tom Hanks' son is hilarious and this story is actually different from your typical love story so it's a bit refreshing.

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, the ending slightly killed me - I wish it could have gone on and on and on! Side Note: For anyone who's watched it, were you tripped out the slightest bit by the computers?! I knew coming into it that this film is older but I feel like the technology really dates it!

What other classic movies do you love? Let's see if I still haven't seen some of them!

Catch you next time.


  1. I haven seen Sleepless in Seattle in forever! I wanna watch it again now :) and yes, any movie from the 80's cracks me up seeing the technology! Lol

  2. I love love love Sleepless in Seattle. What a great movie!

  3. Good luck with all of your finals! I had AP exams the past three days, and my finals are in two weeks. I'm wiped out from all of the work I've been doing!


  4. You've been missing it out it's such a sweet movie! Good luck on finals!
    The Lady Lawyer

  5. Happy Hump Day! And good luck with finals :] You definitely should watch it soon!

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  6. Ahhh yes, it's a classic! A must see for sure :) Good luck with finals!

  7. My mom adores that movie (I swear she knows every line.) Over my spring break I watched it with her and oh my gosh I loved it so much that I even started to cry during parts, haha. The ending about killed me! I wanted to see more! Good luck with finals!!!
    Xo Alyson | mylifeasalyson.blogspot.com

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