Get Ahold of Your Sails! {A Guest Post by Ariadna}

Well, I am moved into my dorm for the next week (we're going to be moved into our "real" dorms for the rest of the program after this first week) and the program has officially started!

Unfortunately, our dormitory is almost half an hour away from campus so I guess we have the opportunity to learn what it's like to commute since I believe most of us have been on-campus students.

Here we go, another guest post! When I was looking for bloggers to guest post on here during my trip in Prague, Araidna was one of the sweetest and most helpful!

Ariadna is the founder of The Always Believer, with her main goal being to spread the love as far and wide as possible, so throughout her website she writes and shares inspirational stories that are real, honest and helpful for anyone, anywhere. Adding on to these posts, you can find all sorts of other goodies and designs that will bright up your day, any day of the week. Be sure to join in on the fun and spread the love too! 


Get Ahold of Your Sails!

Guest Post by Ariadna

Hi there!

I wanted to share with you this quote by Jimmy Dean: “I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” It is a quote I hold dear to my heart because for me, this is what life is all about. As far as I can quickly tell you, my life hasn't been all sunshines and rainbows. As a child, I had an life full of travels and worries. Moving out by the age of 17 and making the world my own, I've started my life journey young. And moving forward, I have learned through trial and errors the walk of life.

Moving onward to this quote, as I continued to grow by myself in any kind of situation, this sentenced helped mold me to who I am. I've ofter learned the hard way that I needed to adjust my own sails in life. You see, most of the time I would just sit down on any boat that came along thinking that was the best I could do. Yet, nope, time and time again the boat became rocky and took to big waves and endless thunderstorms.

I've been traveling the best way I could since 10, so this patterned seemed like old news to me. And then, I was about 24 or 25 years old, pretty late in my game for all I know, I took this sentence again and opened my eyes even more. Every single moment that I've been in trouble or in a rainstorm, it had depended on me sail into smoother seas. A few years down the road and tons of other turns and twist, I am now settled into a new port. This one is still pretty new to me, new place, new faces and most of all, new life goals. I didn't let my past refine me or go where the sea took me, I opened my eyes and listened to myself.

And back to this quote: “I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” That is how I live my life, I adjust the sails, I make them my own and I make sure I reach my destination. No matter big steps or small, no matter what part of my destination I am getting to, I make sure I make it the one I want.

What is your intake on this quote by Jimmy Dean? Is there a quote that you identify with?


It's hard for a meticulous and organized person to learn how to adapt to their surroundings, but sometimes it's more than worth it!


Catch you next time.
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  1. Such an inspiring post! Thanks for sharing! Hope Prague is so much fun!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  2. Wooow, I love it! Enjoy the week honey!

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