May the Fourth Be With You: 4 Steps to Being a Star Wars Pseudo-Expert

Happy Star Wars Day!

Most people *me included* love a good pun, and if the title of this little post didn't even make you tittle, well then I strongly question your taste in puns!

Not everybody loves Star Wars - I personally bonded over watching them with my Dad! - but here are just a few articles I rounded up for those of you who don't know them but have somebody in your lives you want to impress with your "insane knowledge" of Stars Wars on this unofficial national/international holiday!

While these are some decent resources to help you bring up small pieces of trivia to convince your girlfriends or dad that you may be a slight Star Wars-aficionado, there truly is no substitute to watching the movies yourself!

I mean, come on, what better way to celebrate Star Wars Day than to enjoy the movies with your grandpa, dad, brother, uncle, boyfriend, girlfriends, fellow Star Wars lovers?!

Now if you're actually a Star Wars fan, how did you find/get into the movies? Have you been able to convert anybody? Are you excited for the upcoming movie?!

Catch you next time.


  1. ha, I am not a star wars superfan so this is perfect! I am more of a fan of Marvel & Buffy!! :) I could share soooo many links :)

    meg of An Affair of Character

  2. This is such an adorable post, I love Star Wars I always watch them all on New Year's Eve!


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