Super Busy, Time for Instagram: March

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

March has been a truly amazing month, and to send it off with good vibes I thought I'd do an Instagram recap commemorating all of the wonderful things that have happened! Enjoy!

IHOP National Pancake Day!

One of the most creative spellings of my name I've ever seen!

Pot of Gold Music Festival 2015

Spring Break 2015 in Vancouver

I will never get tired of bows, seersucker, and monograms.

I love little diners, they're too cute.

Ahhh, I miss my baby!

I rarely get up super early, but when I do, it means Starbucks and #SkimmLife.

Judging the Arizona National Qualifying Tournament 2015 bright and early Saturday morning!

I love dogs, but service dogs make my heart swell!

I. HATE. HEIGHTS. But I scaled a 30/40 foot(ish) wall multiple times!

Yesterday was Theatre Geek's birthday - please go wish him a belated birthday on my IG post!

Sometimes life moves so fast yet so slow that you really lose track of time! Doing Instagram roundups are fun because they actually put time into perspective! Have you ever found yourself losing track of time?

Catch you next time.


  1. March was an amazing month, I'm sad to see it go. Looks like you had a great one!!
    xo, claudia

  2. Happy end of March! I love IHOP - looks like you had an overall great month :]

  3. I would miss my baby too! But it seems like you are having a great time, love the rock climbing!

  4. I LOVE Instagram - great photos!

  5. Okay what? It's national pancake day? I missed out on Shrove Tuesday (day before ash wednesday / also pancake day for us lol) in February because I completely forgot about it! I think I am in need to eat a ton of pancakes today. Maybe I'll convince my husband to go here for supper! :)

    How'd you like Vancouver? My husbands sister lives there (we're all from Canada but the other side of the country).

    Also! Good for you for getting over your fear of heights - to be honest, after 20 years of rock climbing, I am STILL frightened to death of heights. I like to think it's a good fear :)

  6. I too love instagram round ups! I'm about to do mine for the month of March, hehe ; ). They are an easy post and fun to look at! Love your pics by the way!


  7. Love the dog pic and Vancouver one also!!...I was born in Canada and raised in Vancouver area...I have lived in Seattle for many years. I just did a fashion post of Vancouver when I went home a few weekends ago. Your blog is lovely and best of luck in college, my son grads this June from college....


  8. love this post :) nice weekend :)



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