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Happy Sunday, lovelies! I was going to put up my Valentine's Day recap today, but one of the girls forgot to send me pictures, so instead here's a post on one of my favorite things: cupcakes!

Hope your weekends went well! My day on Friday did not exactly start out amazing, but instead of being upset about how my day was going, I gave myself something to look forward to! Anybody who knows me will tell you I love being organized, and though it often stresses me out (whether it be about needing to organize more or how being organized tells me just how much I have to do), I love giving myself goals to strive for.

That morning when I felt like I just wanted to give up on everything and go hide in a hole that conveniently had Netflix, I told myself: "Chin up! If you do what you need to do with a smile on your face, you can go try out that cupcake shop you've heard so much about!" And I loved it!

Sprinkles Cupcakes are adorable, delicious, and most importantly, THEY HAVE A 24/7 CUPCAKE ATM. Yes, you read that right: A CUPCAKE ATM. *mind blown* It's such a good thing the closest Sprinkles to campus is about fifteen minutes away or else I'd be buying cupcakes every other day or so!

I decided to buy a few extras to give to my old Speech and Debate coach who was coming down with her team for a competition so I decided to surprise her with some mini cupcakes and she loved them! I reluctantly shared the milk chocolate cupcake with my little sister and she made me promise to bring her another one to their next tournament down here.

Here are a few pictures from the store and the beautifully delicious cupcakes I bought!

My favorite cupcake so far has probably been the chocolate cupcake with marshmallow filling! What's yours?

Catch you next time.

This is not a sponsored post of any kind, this is my personal opinion written of my own accord.


  1. sprinkles are the best!! I love the red velvet! always my go-to! <3

  2. Ugh now I want a cupcake!! Sprinkles are the absolute BEST around!!



  3. OH how I miss Sprinkles cupcakes! That cupcake ATM is heaven!


  4. AH I am giving up sweets for Lent, and this makes me want to run out and find some right now!

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  5. I've never tried a cupcake from Sprinkles! I love lighter fruit flavored cupcakes usually!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  6. These look amazing! I have heard great things about Sprinkles, I will definitely need to find one by me!


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