Quote of the Week: Life is an Adventure

Well, it's late on a Monday night (or it might just be Tuesday morning by the time this post goes up) and I am doing what I swore to myself I wouldn't be doing - staying up late to study for my Jane Austen midterm tomorrow morning.

Honesty moment: I have studied a bit for this exam, but the fact that it's a new-ish class and I don't know anybody in my section makes me really nervous as to how I'll really do on a test that's apparently going to be worth 20% of my final grade. No pressure, right?

Anyways, I was re-watching lecture videos from the past few weeks and heard something I hadn't remembered hearing - one of my professors made a reference to this quote and for some reason it just really resonated with me so I decided to share it!

You don’t take things for granted. You know how to appreciate the good in life, and how to enjoy it come what may. | Community Post: 15 Perks Of Being A Middle Child

This is definitely one of my favorites - when I had the opportunity to re-read the original text for Senior English in high school, I *somewhat frantically* tried to find any opportunity to slip it into the paper due for that section.

I feel like this quote really embodies the hope and faith that we place in life, that it will be grand and amazing, that we have so many different opportunities ahead of us and all we can do is spend our time exploring.

Already in the short few months I have been down here at school, I have had so many new experiences, met so many new people, and learned so many new things that I feel as if I'm somehow the same person but not.

I still love Netflix, chocolate, and popcorn, but I've found Swing Dancing and my organization skills have somehow kicked it up a few notches (the reactions I received when I pulled out my Lilly planner at the table during one of my committee meetings was almost comical)!

As I seem to say in quite a few of my posts (hmm, I wonder when I'll actually give in to the curiosity and count for myself), "Life can get crazy!" and I'm absolutely grateful for it. This is only my freshman year of college and I know there are so many more events and experiences waiting to happen before I even graduate.

This past weekend was particularly busy from Devilpalooza 2015 to the Barrett Ladies' Tea (post will be up soon!), and this week is just as busy (I just had my end-of-the-year mentoring program banquet tonight, Jane Austen midterm in the morning, interviewing on Wednesday to potentially teach a class next semester, scheduling classes happens early Thursday morning, seeing the Bad Suns perform on Friday and going to watch the Desert Diamond Cup Finals in Tucson on Saturday with my friend Sonia)!

What is one of your favorite quotes from a fairy tale? Do you ever wish you could live in Neverland?

Catch you next time.

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  1. I love this quote! I think it is especially important as we get older it takes more of a reminder to get out of our comfort zone and go on those adventures!

    xo katie // a touch of teal


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