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I am awful - it's been a little while since a Little Discoveries post and this may just be my favorite!

School picked up the pace doubletime this past week, but my first Accounting exam is over (hooray!), I turned in the first of two essays this morning (yay!), and the only homework I need to do this weekend is read some Jane Austen and research a word on the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). Doesn't sound too hard, right?

Anyways, the reason this post is up a bit late is because it was scheduled to go live this morning, but I forgot to press "Publish" instead of "Save" - oh, silly me! As I post this, I'm walking back into my dorm room because today I started my internship (SURPRISE: I GOT AN INTERNSHIP!, but more on this at a later time).

Taylor Swift's Got Style

Now I know that we all agree that Taylor rocked it at the Grammy's in her gorgeous dress, but this morning her new music video was released! Style is definitely one of my top three favorites on the 1989 album - it has a great beat, the lyrics are great if you listen to them, and this video is just amazing! It visually shows some of the shifts she has made as a singer, and let's be honest, Dominic Sherwood is pretty great (I have a friend from high school who had two different colored eyes as well, very cool gene mutation!).

Movie Nights are Fun


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Earlier this week, some of the girls and I decided to go see Jupiter Ascending and The Best of Me. I loved both of these movies in different ways - Jupiter Ascending was a nice "sort-of-realistic" SciFi and I read the book, so I cried a few times throughout The Best of Me.

Star Lord and Captain America Bet on Super Bowl


Now I know for a lot of people out there, the Super Bowl is not the most exciting thing ever, whether it be because they don't like football or they feel indifferent because they just don't have a stake in it.
Well, this should make you care a bit, or at least make you chuckle! Chris Pratt and Chris Evans made a bet that whoever's team lost in the Super Bowl, the other would have to dress up as their superhero persona and visit the winner's favorite hospital - tell me that isn't overly sweet and adorable?!

Some People in the Business World are Cool

Richard Handler is one of the big wigs on Wall Street, head of the investment firm, Jeffries. Handler qualified for and decided to turn down a $2.2 million bonus that he said he didn't deserve. This article gets into the nitty gritty of it, but bottom line is: Handler's not the first CEO to turn down a large bonus, and hopefully not the last.

Hostess Gift Ideas

I loved Katie's post on Hostess gifts! My mom always told me never to come to a person's house empty-handed. I used to think this meant you had to buy a big present every time you wanted to come over, but of course now I look for the cutest *yet not bank-breaking* gifts for the ladies who are kind enough to open up their homes for events or get-togethers. Being a hostess of any sort of event is certainly not easy, check out Katie's list and show a hostess your appreciation!

Valentine's Link-Ups Everywhere

One of the things I love so much about the blogging world is that holidays really are holidays! Everyone gets so excited and shares all of their ideas, it's great to see so many different and creative ideas. Link-ups are happening everywhere from Private School Prepster to A Seersucker State of Mind, and many more I'm sure! If you're part of one, make sure you leave your link down in the comments of this post and I'll make sure to check it out!

Catch you next time.


  1. Nice post! Happy Valentine's!

  2. Love Taylor Swift's new video! It's one of my favorite songs from 1989. That one, All You Had to Do was Stay, and Welcome to New York. The Best of Me was so sweet! Lovely post and blog!


  3. style is definitely my fave from 1989!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  4. so happy taylor's video is out!

  5. I really like Taylor Swift's music :)

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