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Good Morning, Happy Friday!! This week has been quite interesting to say the least! Today is Bid Day for my Fraternity so even though I don't have classes today I am getting up a bit early to go help hand out bids to our newest pledge class! It's so weird to think that my own Bid Day was only five months ago - I was soooo nervous when I found out haha the only way I can describe being on the other side is just weird haha. Well, now on to my week's discoveries:

Hermione Granger: More than the Gryffindor Princess


I started off with this one because it's kind of my favorite thing that I've discovered! Emma Watson is so BEYOND perfect for Belle! The picture on the right is a *beautiful* piece of fan art that has been floating around Tumblr for a few years now, I believe, meaning (you guessed it) fangirls are going crazy over wanting Tom Felton to play opposite our dear Emma! I personally would love this (Guilty die-hard Dramione fangirl), but if it doesn't happen I know it will be an amazing movie either way.

Raising Awareness About Sex Trafficking

On Monday, the All Walks group here at Arizona State kicked off their sex trafficking awareness week! The general consensus of most studies conducted by researchers suggest that spikes in sex trafficking occur in the same areas as large events like the Super Bowl. Shared Hope International (SHI) has been throwing its two cents in with its "Children Aren't Playthings" campaign, with a 7 foot tall exhibit in which young women have volunteered to stand in. The box has made the rounds to a couple different areas, including Grand Canyon University, Glendale Community College, and downtown Phoenix.

Welcoming Another New Disney Princess


I found this one Thursday morning and, suffice to say, my suitemate was not too happy to be woken up to my squeals of excitement! The Latina Princess Elena of Avalor will be Disney's newest addition to the Princess family in 2016, and she's getting her own TV show on Disney Junior! Even if it is a Disney Junior show, I will probably be taking peeks to see exactly what kind of Princess has been created.

On the Road Again: Guess Who's Back

"On the road again, Just can't wait to be on the road again" - Is it too mainstream to say that Eddie Murphy is bae? I haven't seen or heard much about him in a while, but I was thrilled to hear that he would *finally* be returning to the stage on which he debuted his big career! Eddie Murphy hasn't been back to SNL in 30 years, long before I was born! I haven't been trying very hard to keep up with SNL lately, but I haven't been super impressed with what I've seen (I'm biased to the classics) so I'm excited to catch the show's 40th anniversary special.

Apparently It's Hot in the Great Southwest

Cory McCloskey. Does the name sound familiar? He was one of the men who played Scrooge in Hale Centre Theatre's production of A Christmas Carol that I saw last month! The FOX10 Phoenix weather map was having a few glitches and McCloskey got a little creative - 2960°F in Cave Creek? Sounds a bit hot.

Can ASU Get a Keurig Girl, Please?

Madison Collins at Auburn University has made quite the name for herself. What started as just wanting to have coffee with her has turned her into the Keurig Girl. When she's up late studying, she just brings her Keurig to the library with her - no waiting in line or worrying about Starbucks closing!

Canadian Scientists Say Drinking Wine is Like Exercise

I will say this once: I'm eighteen and I do not drink. I just found this article intriguing - I mean if drinking red wine is equivalent to exercise, I might try it in a few years! Researchers from the University of Alberta conducted the study, but of course, like anything else, moderation is important - don't go run and drink a whole bottle of red wine!

Are There Any Tagalongs Left?

Have you heard the good news? Girl Scout Cookies are BACK and their price has gone back down to $4! A Girl Scout Troop has set up camp in the W.P. Carey School during this past week, but I never had the chance to buy a box of cookies until I walked out of my 4:30pm class and saw them packing up. Somewhat shamelessly I admit I ran over and bought a box of Tagalongs (my favorite!). Some brothers from my Fraternity bought over 10 boxes of Thin Mints a few days ago!

The Super Bowl is Sunday and I'm personally quite excited but slightly nervous - I'm not sure which team to root for and all I want is to watch a good game of football! Please be careful, safe, and responsible this weekend, lovelies!!!!

Catch you next time.


  1. I am literally DYING that Emma will be playing Belle! Always my favorite Disney Princess, Emma will rock that role!


  2. If Tom Felton gets the part of the Beast, I will scream and shout with joy. So exciting!!

    xo Hannah Kate


    1. AHH, I know, right?! I just want it to happen SO badly!!

  3. I love watching Fox 10 and I love Corey! When I saw his weather map video I was laughing so hard! I'd love to meet him and I didn't know he could act! I had heard about the sex trafficking awareness {from Fox10!} and thought it was so interesting. I hope it brings this to light with the Super Bowl being here.

    Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

    1. Yeah, I actually met him through my best friend and he is such a funny individual! A friend of mine is a huge proponent of the All Walks organization and they have been doing a lot of work on their campaign to raise awareness - hopefully it pays off!

  4. This was just the type of post I needed on a Friday afternoon! LOVE me some girl scout cookies!

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  5. Girl scout cookies = the best thing ever! I love samoas.

  6. I love love love Emma Watson and can't wait to see her as Belle eee! Great roundup. :)

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

    1. Me too, she's just soo amazing! Thank you :)


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