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When I started writing this post, I have to admit I was really really super excited because there have been quite a few things that have popped up on my feeds and screens that as soon as I read them, I knew I wanted to share them with y'all!

A Very Nerdfighter Proposal

If you want to get straight to it, start the video at 1:28. Though the video itself has a few jokes and can be quite funny at times (come on, it's John Green circa 2009, of course it's funny!).

This is such an adorable oldie but a goodie. A few years ago, a man named Phil asked videoblogger John Green (you may know him as the author of The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, and An Abundance of Katherines) to help him propose to his girlfriend, Kelly. I was disappointed there isn't a video of Kelly's reaction, but nonetheless this is really heartwarming - I love unique proposals!

Baby Names: A Competition of Creativity

I am very excited to announce that I am now a godmother - my godson was born a few days ago in the amazing country of Canada! I love babies, baby names, and random facts. And apparently John, Michael, and James used to be girl names? One of my Fraternity brothers found this article, and though it's about a year old, it's still really interesting to look at the different fads and trends!

Faith in humanity being restored

{Here's the story that started it all}

I love Brandon Stanton, the Humans of New York (HONY) photographer. Stanton not only takes pictures, but records and shares the stories of people he meets in New York. I love following his blog as well as his Facebook page, reading about all of these diverse people and learning of their stories. Recently, Stanton helped start a crowdfund to help start a yearly field trip to Harvard to help inspire underprivileged students to work hard for their education. So much money has already been raised to make this program a permanent part of the school's curriculum, but extra money will also be used to help create a safe summer program environment for these children as well.

Nordstrom gift cards are nice

Katie and a slew of other bloggers are having a huge giveaway for $500 to Nordstrom! All you have to do is follow many of these beautiful bloggers are various modes of social media for entries - it's that easy! There are literally so many possible entries, it may be time-consuming, but just a bit of your free time (and you get to browse a few of the blogs!) for the chance to win $500? That's not too shabby.

I think I follow too many fashion Instagrams

But that should be okay, right? I love following different Instagrams because everybody has such different lives, I love seeing the little things that make their day unique and special. Some of my favorite ones to follow are Ashley Brooke Designs, Pinch of Em, Corals and Cognacs, and Rosie Londoner. There are always such colorful pictures on my feed, it makes me smile when I'm feeling a bit down. If you'd like to follow me, here's the link!

Support charities and get cool shirts. 

One of the reasons I love Stephen Amell so much is that he is such an amazing person! He has done so much to help raise money and awareness for different causes. Right now he is running another Represent campaign to raise funds for increasing mental health awareness and helping train service dogs! This shirt is especially awesome because "sinceriously" *technically* isn't a word, but in the process of raising money for charities, Amell is trying to make this an official word by getting it added to the dictionary! They have already sold almost 7000 shirts in 6 days, go support these amazing causes and get a pretty cool shirt to show your support!

Heard of the Andromeda Galaxy?

I love the Hubble Telescope! It's so crazy to imagine that it's a telescope that we sent into outer space to take pictures of other galaxies! Pictures are cool, especially when they're zoomable! There's even a video, too!

Catch you next time.


  1. Congrats on being a God Mother! I have 2 god children and it is the greatest thing ever
    Dresses & Denim

  2. Haha probably 85% of who I'm following on Instagram are fashion bloggers. Always look to discover more, so thanks for sharing!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  3. Yes, I follow you on gfc, follow back?


  4. That HONY post reaaaaally got me. It's definitely my favorite so far. PS congrats on being a god mother!!

    1. Right? It's such a beautiful story! And thank you :)


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