Talk About A Busy Weekend

I'm neither the first nor the last person to attest to the fact that time seems to be flying so quickly, especially lately considering it is officially Finals Week down here in the Great Southwest.

Friday was a lot of fun because not only did I get to take an extra credit exam for Calculus, but I also had the wonderful opportunity to play with puppies, eat my first Twinkie (deep fried, at that!), go to my first RoseBall, and make gingerbread houses with my floormates. 

Finals Week is here, but hey if it means I get to cuddle puppies then it might be okay.

Photo credit to the beautiful Ana of Could've, Would've, Should've!

My Pledge Mom loves bow ties and has a black belt, don't mess with him!

A picture with my favorite Greek Seniors.

Loved these wine glasses and centerpieces for RoseBall!

Came back home to the dorm just in time to make gingerbread houses!

On Saturday, I slept-in just a bit, did some studying, and then surprised Theatre Geek at one of his performances! I dragged Em along with me to see the show and she loved it!

Ready to see Hale Centre Theatre's "A Christmas Carol"!

Surprising my best friend at his new job was such a great decision. It makes me so happy to see my best friend working at something he is so deeply passionate about. I know he is going to go so far in life, and I am just deeply appreciative and blessed that I have been a part of his life.

Meet Young Scrooge/Narrator of BOTH casts!

Sunday afternoon was spent eating chocolate chip Sparky waffles, watching Landon Donovan's last game before retirement (YAY, congrats LA Galaxy!), and attending a Fraternity event to say goodbye to our graduating seniors. Later the same evening, my building put on a Winter Wonderland event with free Dutch Brothers hot cocoa, stocking decorating, Christmas card writing, pictures with Santa, and sugar cookie decorating! It was a lot of fun, but to top the night off, Ana, E, and I hung out, studied more for Finals, and then proceeded to make grilled cheese sandwiches with E's quesadilla-maker.


Galaxy and New England both started off the game with high energy!

Walkin' in Agave Wonderland!

Protip: Quesadilla-makers can be used for more than just making quesadillas.

I know I say this a lot, but it's only because it is so true: life can move so quickly when you get busy and/or begun having fun. The secret to not losing yourself is to remember who you are and hold on to to all of the memories you make. How was your weekend? Did you make any memories?

Catch you next time

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