Suite Love!

From the BRC's Paint War event at the beginning of the semester!

Lately I've been reminded that the friends you make and surround yourself with are the ones who really do help you shape into who you're becoming. A couple weeks ago, I was really stressed and my suitemate did something that seems small but meant a lot! A little while ago she went through something upsetting as well so I decided to try to return the favor and help her smile, even if only for a moment. We both kept our respective presents on our mirror to always remind ourselves to smile! 

Friends, memories, smiles: they are all very precious things that we need to remember to actively appreciate. When you actively appreciate these things, you not only show your gratitude to the people around you, but you also know that you're living your life. What are some of the things you've done to help someone smile?

Catch you next time

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