A Weekend Trip to Las Vegas

This past weekend, my family decided to take a quickie trip to beautiful Las Vegas! We live really close to Sin City, and we've been known to frequent it to visit family and (of course) shopping! During our first year after we moved to Arizona my family was taking day trips almost every weekend! Here are a few photos of what we did on our little mini vacation, enjoy!

The ceilings of the Palazzo are painted so beautifully, I couldn't resist taking some pictures of them! There was even a really nice man playing the accordion - talk about ambiance!

One of the things I love about Las Vegas in general is how there is so many different things in one area (i.e. the Strip!). You can take a quick walk down and visit many of the different hotels. The Wynn is right across the street from the Palazzo (and the mall just a kitty corner away!) so we thought we'd take a little walk since it had been a while since we'd done so.

Sure, I'd love to take a ride!

These Chanel boots are just beautiful, and I just loved how they are displayed.

I loved Popeye when I was growing up, so seeing this just made me squeal!

Gotta keep up that coffee fix!

I have a very eclectic music taste, in part due to my dad. I love country and classic rock about as much as I love pop and alternative. The show was interesting, but as I warned on my Instagram, it is a show intended for mature audiences - the production overall is pretty historically accurate, so I wouldn't recommend bringing the little ones to see it!

Here are just a few pictures from me crossing off one of my little life bucketlist items: visiting a Carlo's Bakery and buying cupcakes! I'll put up an extra little post with the rest of the pictures - I just couldn't resist because the shop was just too cute!

Don't they all look scrumptious?

Candid photo from when my dad made fun of my height in comparison to this tree.

Catch you next time.

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