Pinterest Party: Having Patience

Lately I have found myself constantly at my wit's end and unsure of what to do other than sit, stretch, count down slowly from ten to one, or procrastinate. Yesterday, when I was really frustrated over a Calculus problem, I decided to try something similar yet different. I set an alarm for ten minutes and logged on to Pinterest because I thought I could distract myself for a little bit, miraculously figure out how to finish the problem, and finally feel a smidge of satisfaction. Although I did not find the answer to my Calculus problem on Pinterest, I did find some wise words to help me relax and remind me that it is okay to get frustrated, but it is not a great idea to let myself stay that way. Here's a little Pinterest roll with some of the quote pins I absolutely loved!

Kelsey Scott

PrincessRose Sahial


Carolyn Soto

Patience Eargle

Carolyn Soto

Kat DeVaney


Hollie Beynon

What is your favorite quote on patience? What do you do to help yourself become more patient in frustrating situations? Let me know!

Catch you next time

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