Kicking Off November

Wow, has this whole year really been flying by. It is so hard to believe that the end of the year is already approaching us. So many different things have happened all in the same span of time, making it seem as if the days are longer, but the weeks have been passing through like the breeze. I am so excited for all of the things life has in store this month - there are just so many things to love about November, from the cool, crisp weather to the countdown to Christmas (to the fact that my birthday is coming up soon) and a lot more!

Here are a few of the amazing things that have already happened these first few days of November and what is coming up!

Homecoming // Homecoming in college is definitely a lot different from the Homecoming I knew in high school. It does not immediately involve everyone - if you want to be, you need to get involved! It is such an experience to get to know so many different alumni and talk to them about how they are doing. To top it off, ASU beat Utah in our Homecoming game 19-16 in overtime!! It was an amazing game and I am so happy to say that I was there!

The game was very anxiety-inducing, but exciting!
Intramural Volleyball // I recently joined my pledge class' intramural volleyball team, and most of the people who know me are and have been shocked. Although I have played some sports, many people are aware that I am not the most athletic person out there. But one of the great things about being surrounded with strong, supportive people is that if you are willing to say that you want to play and get better, they are more than willing to help you. Tonight my pledge class beat our rival Fraternity's pledge class (YAY) and our next two matches are against the same rival Fraternity's active brother teams. This is going to be an interesting season!

Team Victory photo!
Birthdays // In just a few short days, I will officially be another year older. And legally able to buy myself a ladder. Only a year ago, I was in high school, getting ready for my big birthday party and stressing over college applications. Today, I am in college, getting ready for papers due in the next week and stressing over more homework. AND I PRETTY MUCH LOVE IT. There are so many new opportunities and responsibilities that come with growing up, sometimes it can feel overwhelming. I am a bit scared of the future, but I know that with all of the love and support I have, that I will be just fine. On top of my own birthday, my little brother and a few of my friends have November birthdays as well!
Blowing out my seventeen candles!
Speech and Debate // A few weeks ago, I officially judged at my first speech and debate tournament! But now, I get to gear up to not only meet my alma mater's team but to judge for them at the tournament I debuted my Speech and Debate career four years ago! It is so insane to think that four years ago, on this very day, I had been agonizing over the cases and evidence that would help me place second out of ninety-eight competitors at my first tournament. I miss high school speech and debate so much, and I wouldn't trade a second of the time I spent on it these past four years for anything.
Bobcat Bonanza February 2014
Smallpools and Magicman // I love Smallpools (Dreaming is my jam!) and I'm so excited to see them and Magic Man this month in Phoenix! My newly-discovered appreciation for concerts infinitely heightens my level of excitement for this. Making it even better is that I get to go with some of my dear friends who I adore, but are just as busy as, if not more than, I. Not being able to spend large and frequent chunks of time together can be a downer, but the greatest friendships are the ones that you can pick up no matter how much time has passed.

More Pledge Fun // This month marks the end of our pledge process - initiation is set for the end of this month! It feels like only a few days ago that I awkwardly walked down the stairs of one of the business buildings and worried if I would be politely told that I had not been offered a bid. I am so thankful for this thrilling process and how it has helped me bond with my pledge brothers as well as with the amazing actives in Delta Sigma Pi. As long as everything goes well this month, each of these next seven semesters is going to be better than the last.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday // Who is ready for turkey, cranberries, and more stuffing than you can possibly stomach? I love how Thanksgiving brings family together (with the help of amazing food) and helps strengthen bonds over two very popular activities in our country: football and shopping! Now that I am officially a SunDevil, Thanksgiving has that much more excitement. Duel in the Desert is the big rivalry game between Arizona State University and the University of Arizona! #forksup


What is your favorite part of November? What are some of the events you are looking forward to this month?

Catch you next time

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