Going 10 for 10: Thankful Thoughts

I'm always one to remember to count my blessings, and Thanksgiving season is no time for exceptions! Although this post is a bit late, I thought it was fairly appropriate to end this month with a post on the things I'm very thankful for.

My Absolute Best Friends Who Are Basically My Siblings // First of all, I really have to thank my lucky stars for my best friend and brother, Theatre Geek. He has literally been there for me throughout this whole semester and I am so proud of him for landing his first big role - Young Scrooge and a Narrator in Hale Theatre's A Christmas Carol! He gave me a ride home Wednesday night and I surprised my family, who I had told I wasn't coming home for the holiday! Also, my wonderful best friend and sister, JT, was able to come down from Las Vegas and meet me for brunch on Saturday morning! Even though we're many miles away, we are always texting or on the phone with each other - she is definitely my rock and I'm not too sure what I would do without her.

My Wonderful New Friends // I love my friends, and I am thankful for each and every one of them. Natalie (whose blogs you can find in my Blog Roll!) even offered for me to come home with her for the holiday! They are all absolutely wonderful people and I am so lucky to have met them all - we have become such good friends in such a short amount of time, it makes you wonder how much closer we will all get over the years!

My Fantastic Family // My family has done so much for me, it is truly difficult to put into words the deep appreciation I have for them and all the love and support they have provided for me, especially over the past year. This photo  is a little memento of an almost perfect moment. Earning the right to call myself Valedictorian of my high school is and will forever be one of my proudest accomplishments. Most people only work towards this aim in the four years of high school, but I had aimed to earn it since I was in elementary school. Graduation was such a happy day for me, and I am so grateful my family was there to spend it with me.

My Dog // Yes, I had to do it. I have missed her so much while I've been away at college, and I love how much she's been sticking by me! When I came home and was hiding, she actually stood by the door and refused to move when my dad tried to call her away. Even as I'm writing, she's laying next to me. She is so adorable and I really wish I could bring her back to school with me!

American Football // I love football. Today Arizona State University played University of Arizona for the 88th annual Territorial Cup. The SunDevils played hard (shoutout to Bercovici and Strong!), but ultimately we just couldn't get it together at the end. I'm definitely disappointed that we've lost the cup, but am confident that we will win it back on our own turf next year!

The amazing one-handed touchdown!
Netflix // As crazy as it sounds, Netflix has been a rock for me over the past year - a strong constant throughout the many changes that have been happening in my life. Discovering new favorite shows and movies is amazing, but having all the episodes at your fingertips just makes it the slightest bit better. Thanks to Netflix, I've kept a large portion of my sanity.

Delta Sigma Pi // As far as my extracurricular activities at the quite fabulous ASU go, finding Delta Sigma Pi has been the best thing that has happened to me! I've found a large group of like-minded people who care about personal and professional development as well as community service and just having fun. It is so nice to have found a group of people that I feel I can be both my personal and academic self around. I am so thankful for all of my new brothers!

Only a portion of the Gamma Omega chapter!

Swing Dancing // Although I've honestly been slacking on attending Swing events lately, I think I can still say that Swing in general has definitely left its mark on me. I may not be the most talented (or coordinated, for that matter) person, but I've always loved dancing. I really love the feeling and setting that Swing takes you back into - to think that it originated about a hundred years ago is crazy!

My Lilly Planner and iCalendar //  My calendars are my life - I simply cannot function without them! I love color-coordinating my schedules and I put everything in there. Some of my new friends thought I was crazy for writing in every single one of my classes and deadlines for major essays and assignments, but doing so can actually be quite helpful! Continuity is important in preventing scheduling conflicts so keeping my phone, computer, and planner together has been tedious but worth it.

Colton Haynes // Okay I know this is a silly one but I have my reasons! First, Arrow. Arrow has been one of my favorite shows since it first aired on the CW, but the development of Colton's character, Roy Harper, has just given the show an extra little "-oomph". On top of that, he is just a really awesome person! When I watched his Instagram videos on Black Friday shopping, I couldn't stop laughing!

A video posted by Colton Haynes (@coltonlhaynes) on

So what are you thankful for this year?

Catch you next time

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