Going 10 for 10: Blog Roll!

I know, I know, I have been way too busy lately - it's been a little while since I've posted, but I have definitely been keeping my eye on the different posts popping up in my Blog Feed. Here's a little Blog Roll of some of my favorite blogs, enjoy!

Adri Abroad | This is my awesome cousin, Adri, as she makes her way through Europe on her year studying abroad! She has visited so many different places, and the pictures she's taken have been breathtaking.

A Law Student's Journey |  I really want to go to law school in the future, and Kitty's blog is awesome with not only answering questions, but shedding light on the experience - it has definitely made me more excited!

Broke Millennial | Many people in my generation are learning the hard way that managing your own money isn't easy. This is a great blog about financial literacy, with a lot of tips to help you ease yourself into the pool.

Could've, Would've, Should've | This blog is run by a new friend I met here at university - she's really cool, down to earth, loves to read and write, and an interesting person to be around. She found a book which has inspired her to write about anything and everything, and she doesn't plan on stopping.

Smart Girls Group | When I learned about the Smart Girls Group, I was really excited to find it and read more about them. They work towards female empowerment in life as well as business. Women are taking the business world by storm and the Smart Girls Group is great in helping them learn how to.

The 365 | This blog is run by another lovely friend I've met here at school! She's super awesome and just started writing. Every writer needs some love, especially the new ones so go over to The 365 and say hi!

The College Prepster | One of my favorite blogs ever. This was the first blog I ever read, courtesy of my wonderful friend Beccy. I love everything about it -> Read it -> GO READ IT!

The Happily Ever After Project | I stumbled upon this blog a couple weeks ago, and I fell in love with it immediately. She has traveled so many different places and tried so many different things - she definitely shows how to enjoy life and create your own Happily Ever After.

The Sorority Secrets | I know I'm technically in a Business Fraternity, but however you roll your bread, it's still Greek Life as I usually explain to my friends and family. This is a great blog with different tips on crafts, makeup, and college.

Writing My Own Story / One Day at a Time | A friend of mine has two blog! The first is the one where she often puts up her original short stories as well as little posts about life while the second is where she is currently doing a blogging challenge. It's a lot of fun and she's pretty great - go check her out!

Catch you next time

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