October Highlights

Happy Halloween! This past month has definitely been an amazing one - so much that I have a picture-heavy post coming your way right now! So much has happened over these past few weeks that it is hard to believe how much time has already passed. I can't wait for more exciting adventures on this crazy, fun-filled college roller coaster!

Family Weekend // I was really excited about my family coming down to see me for a weekend! We took a small tour when my parents first dropped me off in August, but having been down here for a few months, I was able to show off a few awesome little places around campus, as well as a few shortcuts. Topping off the weekend was getting to go to my first college football game! The excitement at the game was palpable and it was an overall amazing experience.

Getting ready for the game!

Spending Time With Friends // Many people often let themselves get caught up in the Hollywood portrayals of college, but in reality (at least for me!), finding time to take a break from hitting the books and spending some quality time with friends can be quite difficult. I have been very fortunate in making some pretty amazing friends so far, and there has never been a dull moment!

Supporting our friend's American Business Women Association fundraiser!
Sword-fighting on the lawn.
It was so nice to be back at a tournament and see these two lovely ladies!
The concert was absolutely amazing! What an experience!

Bonding With My Pledge Brothers and Actives // I have really been enjoying my pledging process with my fraternity! It definitely is not easy, but part of the process is learning not only how to improve time management but find your own balance between schoolwork, events, sleep, and fun. Getting to know so many like-minded yet unique individuals has been such a blessing and I cannot wait until the day I can officially call them all my brothers.

Our team of three pledge and a dad took second place in the Fraternity golf tournament!
In celebration of helping break a Guiness World Record for packing food bags, a few active brothers helped me and one of my pledge brothers cool off from the insane heat!
Had a lot of fun with tricycles during the Business School Council's Homecoming Week event!

Little Things To Smile About // Life is a story composed of highs and lows, big moments and little moments. When we become busy and so completely absorbed in what needs to be done, we often forget about all of the nice little things that can bring so much happiness in an instant.
I not only finally got a copy, but an autographed copy!
I haven't been off-campus very often, but I finally found a great local sushi place!

Halloween Time // I love how October always ends on such a happy note! Halloween is such a fun time of year, from seeing little kids running around with bags of candy heavier than they are to the crazy and creative costumes that people come up with. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for the people-watching - it never gets old! What is the funniest costume you have seen?

My Community Adviser is honestly the best.
Happy Halloween from the girls on Agave 4!

What have you been up to this month? What was the most exciting thing that happened to you? Let me know!

Catch you next time

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