Quote of the Week: A Little Reminder

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Long time no see, eh? October has been such an insanely busy month! Between papers, tests, homework, Family Weekend, and Fraternity events I have been struggling to relax and remember that college is supposed to be fun and life is meant to lived. Sometimes it is so easy to lose yourself in all of the paperwork and fears of failing classes that you lose sight of the little (but still significant) things, like smiling and having a short chat with a person you haven't seen in weeks or grabbing a coffee and finding a new place on campus to explore or study in. Life is so short, but meant to be so wonderful. We strive to make things perfect because the better something is (as we perceive it to be better), the more we enjoy it. It is absolutely okay to strive for perfection, but it is important to remember that not achieving absolute perfection is more than acceptable. 

Catch you next time 

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