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October seems to have been a great month for community service here in the Great Southwest! I have had so many different and wonderful opportunities to give back to my amazing community and I absolutely love it.

I love animals, puppies and kittens especially! For my Small Group Communication class, we were put into groups and told to go perform some community service then write a paper on the experience. I'm not usually a huge fan of zero-history group projects but I was super excited about the volunteer work! We came up with the idea of volunteering with a local animal shelter because Arizona is one of the states with the highest euthanization rates. We had a blast spending a Saturday afternoon with such wonderful people and animals! If you are interested in volunteering with an amazing shelter and helping some wonderful animals find homes, you can contact the Ohana Animal Rescue in Tempe, Arizona!

Volunteering can include anything from cleaning to making signs!

I helped this cute little one get adopted - how awesome is that?

One of the biggest community service organizations in my area is the Valley of the Sun United Way. United Way is known for many different causes, but one of the biggest is the Fight to End Hunger. There is such a large number of kids who go hungry over the weekends because their families do not have enough food, so VotS United Way decided to start a new program. This past weekend my Fraternity pledge class joined over 2,000 other people to assemble food bags for United Way's WeekEnd Hunger Backpack program - we broke the Guiness World Record, which had been held by a high school in Canada. This opportunity was so much fun and everybody had a blast!
I had so much bonding with the actives and my pledge brothers!
It is really important to give back and help the people in your community, whether it be through simply volunteering a few hours on the weekend to clean up after puppies or assembling enough food to feed over 500 children for a month. There are so many different types of community service projects you can do by yourself or (even better) in a big group! My pledge class is planning on cleaning up a local park soon -> remember that the giving should never stop!

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