Summer Ends *with a* Music Festival!

I love spending time with this girl!
Last Monday may have marked the Fall Equinox, but it's still nice and sunny over here in the Great Southwest! Today was a beautiful 85° the entire day, with clear skies and a nice breeze - perfect weather for a September Sunday!

On Friday, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Summer Ends Music Festival in Tempe with Em! I had won tickets to one of the nights from The Blaze, ASU's alternative radio station

Headlining were the amazing Lindsey Stirling, Capital Cities, and *my absolute favorite* American Authors (if you haven't heard of any of these three, go check them out on YouTube!)! 

All of the performances were wonderful and we had the best girls night. We indulged in a delicious funnel cake while listening to a few different local bands, including a new personal favorite, The Senators. Afterwards, we rocked out to Capital Cities and American Authors from within a hundred yards of the stage! The energy from the bands as well as from the audience left me in awe - I wish I could have gone for the rest of the festival!

Here are just a few pictures from my fun night! Have you been to any music festivals lately?

The crowd went crazy when American Authors took to the stage!
Zac Barnett came out to the crowd and sang only feet away from Em and I!
Fun Fact: My suitemate tickled Zac Barnett.
Capital Cities was pretty amazing as well! Loved their energy!

I've always loved trumpet solos, and Spencer Ludwig did an amazing job!

How did you say goodbye to Summer? Has Fall really kicked in where you're at?

Catch you next time

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