Soccer Sister's Birthday!

Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well. I just wanted to let you all know Soccer Sister turned 14 years old today! Sadly, I couldn't go home to spend her this big day with her, but I know my family has a couple surprises in store for her. (By the time this is up, she'll have already seen them!).

This little girl is one that can have you turning on a dime. She has an aversion to dresses, would rather be out playing soccer than doing anything else, and can drop some pretty amazing witticisms at a moment's notice. She is one of the biggest goofballs you will ever meet, and you wouldn't ever regret it.

Although sometimes we fight (I mean, come on, what pair of siblings doesn't ever fight?), we always seem to have a fun time. I'm so excited that she is in high school now, and has the opportunity to expand her horizons even further than she has.

Happy birthday, little sister!

Catch you next time

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