Going 10 for 10: A Recap of My Past Week and a Half!

This photo is from the Powder Paint War a few weeks ago, but I felt it captured how I feel pretty well!

Long time no see? If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that this past week and a half has been more hectic than I thought it would be! It seems even with all of the planning and time I allot to different activities that there's always something else to be done. I tried to keep these short and in chronological order, so enjoy!

Corporate Challenge Winner Dinner // All business students at my university are expected to attend a quick two-to-three day camp called Camp Carey. My team (Maroon 4!) won the Corporate Challenge at our camp session and thus was given the opportunity to meet and present our ideas to actual Coca-Cola Company representatives! I haven't been able to really break out my trusty powersuit since NatQuals earlier this year, and it felt so good to wear it again! Hopefully I'll have plenty more occasions to bring it out again!

I'm forever in love with my nude pumps and my favorite Michael Kors bag!

Rainy Day Review // There's really nothing like a rainy day to make you think about everything going on around you - from how classes are going to what you're really looking forward to in the following weeks. Last Monday, there was a huge torrential rain storm which flooded areas around the university. My Communications class was cancelled (YAY!) and *somehow* managed to use my extra time quite productively, though I did promise myself that I would find another day to really dance in the rain.

Broomball Fun // Okay so if you haven't seen or heard of broomball, this video is a pretty good idea of it. Except for the fact that the men in the video are professionals. And wearing helmets. And padding. It's really a lot like a mix of lacrosse, field hockey, and curling - on ice! Imagine over eighty college kids, wearing their own shoes, and running on an ice rink while holding large wooden sticks, trying to hit two orange plastic balls into opposite nets. It was actually a lot of fun, and the hot chocolate afterwards was a great way to close the night. I even got a snazzy t-shirt for checking-in early! 

I guess I didn't get the memo about the "game face!"

Bestie Birthday // Last Wednesday, my wonderful friend Gymnastics Chick turned 18! I have known here since junior high and I can't believe we've come so far. It was really awesome to turn off homework for a few hours, have a nice off-campus dinner, and spend time with my lovely girlfriends (and I mean, come on, who doesn't love an excuse to dress-up and feel cute?!). Although we haven't been able to hang out as much as we would both like, it's awesome knowing we are both nearby if we ever need anything.

From Left to Right: Tech Princess, Tiny Genius, Gymnastics Chick (Birthday Girl), Business Blondie, and yours truly!

September 11th, Never Forget // September 11th is a day for thought and remembrance. In between my classes, I watched memorial videos and feeds about the event. I think it's important to keep ourselves from becoming desensitized to events like that one, and educate our younger generations about it. Whether it's a special holiday or not, try to take the time to think about the brave men and women who risk and give their lives for our freedom and safety. When you see a member of our armed services, don't be scared to walk up and simply say, "Thank you." 

Bonding Over Life // Everyone on my dorm floor has always been really busy, so it was nice to finally spend a little time together! Our Community Advisors organized a little game night based off the theme of our floor: The Game of Life! I have never finished a full Game of Life, and honestly, I never really paid very much attention to the game itself because my friends and I would always get distracted. Setting aside a little time to get to know the people you're leaving with is always worth it when you have a little fun.

The Electric Tea Party // My adorable suitemate Sara is the "mastermind" behind ElectroSwing AZ and this past Friday was the second ever ElectroSwing AZ party! ElectroSwing is essentially swing dancing to remixed versions of old 1920s-1950s big band and swing music! The event was Masquerade-Alice in Wonderland themedIf you ever have the chance to go ElectroSwing, or even just old-fashioned swing, dancing, GO DO IT! I have only been dancing for about three weeks and I love it.

Visiting Old Friends // Sometimes Theatre Geek does things that make me really question our friendship (but don't all best friends?), but this weekend definitely proved his worth tenfold. Spending time with my best friend is always a fun time, but he outdid himself and took me with him to see our awesome best friends currently attending Grand Canyon University. I didn't want to make this post too long so I'll be posting more about it in my next post! 

Just one of the many photos we took - I've missed these guys like crazy since college started!

New Friends and Greek Dancing // Last night, I had dinner with a girl from my Human Event class. Two of her friends joined us, and *BAM* I made two new friends! I know I'm always talking about how making friends is important (both on the blog and to my other friends) but it seems the novelty of meeting new people still hasn't worn off for me. I love getting to know people from other majors (they are both music majors!) and learning about their interests. One of the girls has been teaching traditional Greek dances, and she offered to teach me a little! This video has a few of the moves she taught me. I love learning about new dances and cultures, I just find them so fascinating! Even if you think you look ridiculous, I highly recommend trying it. Once you get the footwork done, it's a lot of fun!

I'm a Pledgling! // In my last Freshman Five post, I mentioned that you shouldn't make yourself join a sorority or fraternity unless you believe you are ready to put in the time and effort it requires. I chose to forgo rushing for a regular sorority to instead rush for a professional business fraternity. Delta Sigma Pi is a co-ed Business fraternity here at my university. I was a bit apprehensive on whether I could take on this commitment, so I took some time to sit down and think. After a lot of thought, I decided to attend an event and fill out the application. I was called back for an interview, and now I'm a pledge! I'll be posting more about DSP soon!

What has been happening in your life? Have you tried anything new? Done anything exciting? Let me know - I want to hear about what y'all have been up to!

Catch you next time

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