Playing a Little Catch-Up

I know, I know I am a truly awful person. Exactly a week ago I promised I was going to post about moving in, my dorm room, etc. but these past few days have just been crazy!

I did eventually have everything packed up! I actually ended up taking most of my clothes down with me (real shocker, huh?) and SpaceBags are my new best friends. Still waiting for the kicker? Here it is: I barely filled half of my closet! Crazy. As my suitemate cleverly mentioned to me, this is probably a great excuse to go buy more clothes. I mean, we are only three minutes away from the beautiful mall I am notorious for not leaving until I've bought quite a bit of stuff (this is the same mall where I bought my prom dresses for Junior and Senior year). Unfortunately, I'm not yet completely comfortable with driving around this gigantic city and I am gearing up for classes to start. Great for the wallet, not necessarily for closet morale.

Personally, I dreaded packing for this particular adventure not because of the work nor the need to organize everything by purpose, usage, and size, but because of what it meant. Growing up is scary (hello Peter Pan, would you like to take me to Neverland?). I did try to give myself a little fun by packing certain t-shirts in my boxes to give myself something to smile about when I finally unpacked the boxes in my new room. As you might have seen on my Instagram, I put my awesome Big Bang Theory shirt on top of my school supplies. Not much more says "Nerdy and Proud" like a shirt that has "Bazinga!" and Sheldon Cooper's face. 

This is honestly one of my favorite shirts ever and I could not bring myself to just leave it behind! Dr. Sheldon Cooper has been a great motivator for getting papers and various assignments done on time.

Leaving home last Friday was a really tough experience. I have been working on thinking of college just like any other of the camps I have attended these past few summers, but the reality of the situation seems to be too heavy to allow me such a luxury. That day was made slightly better by a few things though: monogrammed towels, my best friend, and surviving the drive.

A week before I left, I took the towels I ordered for college to a great little shop that does custom shirts and embroidery to have my towels monogrammed. The towels were light blue and dark navy, so we decided to cross the thread colors to give a more cohesive look.

The fact that the "S" looks like a treble clef sealed the deal for me on this font. I also played with the positioning of my first two initials because the regular straight placement seemed too awkward.

My best friend of seven years, Mariah, was the last person I saw before I left town - she actually drove straight from work to see me off! There really aren't very many people that will drop everything and rush to say "See you later", so treasure them dearly when you do find them. She is such a beautiful and amazing person, and I am absolutely positive she will do great in university.

The Polaroid camera my parents bought me for my sixteenth birthday continues to be one of my favorite birthday presents ever - we made sure to use the rest of the film to take pictures right before I had to leave.
The number of times I have driven the whole time from home to the Phoenix area is extremely low. Managing to *safely* drive the whole distance at the end of a very emotionally exhausting day gives me hope that I may be able to survive driving around on my own.

Moving in this past weekend was pretty awful. A large number of students also checking-in and moving into their dorms plus one hundred and fifteen degree weather plus awkward humidity and overworked air conditioners did not exactly create the best environment for a happy Saturday.

Sunday started off and ended fairly nicely. I finally had the opportunity to have breakfast with a friend I hadn't seen since Orientation in April, met some nice people in my building, said goodbye to my family, spent time with my other best friend who is done here enjoying SunDevil life with me, saw the beautiful little church on campus, and spent more time meeting new people. It's not always easy trying to make new friends, so we will see how this goes - I can already picture the title now: Adventures in Friendship-Making. It will be epic. When I write it after making new friends. It will probably take a while, but it will happen! Did you move into your dorm this past weekend? Shoutout your college in the comments below!

Today was a pretty long day (more details to follow in my next QOTW) but I did get to end it with meeting some nice people and spending time with one of my other lovely best friends. Em and I went to Gammage and watched previews for the upcoming Broadway season! The leads for Cinderella, Kinky Boots, and Phantom of the Opera came and each performed one of the iconic songs of their respective musicals. We were lucky and sat just four rows away from the stage! Now I'm really going to try harder to get season tickets because I was really quite blown away. Fun Fact: The actor touring as Raoul this upcoming Broadway Across America tour is a SunDevil alum! He was presented with the 2014 Rising Star Award and the look on his face was priceless. Whether I can get tickets to all the shows or not, Phantom of the Opera is definitely on my "Going to Happen No Matter What" list.

Catch you next time.

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