August Wrap-Up

This past month has definitely been...Interesting (yes, that is with a capital I). Up until August 1st, I had spent my days procrastinating packing for college, freaking out the fact I was technically moving away, and spending as much time as possible with my family and friends. Once August hit, college started to become more than just what was going to happen in a few weeks. Reality decided I needed to wake up from the nice long nap I'd been taking since high school ended. I absolutely dreaded it, but you know what? It hasn't been so bad. In fact, August was pretty good to me this year. Here are a few highlights of my month:

Saying Hello and Goodbye // I definitely miss how everything was back home: wake up, go to school, see friends, go to meetings, come home, do homework, play with Sammie, eat dinner, go to bed. It's weird to not see the same friends and teachers everyday, not to eat the same lunch food at the same table everyday, not seeing my family everyday. I have been to plenty of summer camps over these past few years, so being away from home like this isn't something new. The different pressures and environments are what make this experience different. I'm starting to make a lot of new friends and develop my own little routine here; I think pretty soon I will have found my niche. I'm really excited about some of the clubs I've joined and can't wait to share some of them with y'all!

Back to the Daily Grind // College is...different. Getting back into a routine was a bit hard, but adjusting my sleep schedule before I moved was a really smart decision. Having expected the worst out of my course load, I was expecting to be completely sleep-deprived by Labor Day weekend - and yet, here we are, not as sleep-deprived as expected. And. It. Is. GREAT. Classes are definitely not what they were in high school, and neither are the schedule nor the homework. But, I am managing pretty well thanks to my Lilly planner and my phone's alarm clock. Right now I have my Friday schedule down to where I can sleep in a little bit, get Starbucks, and still be ten minutes early to class. Morning tea and croissants are a great way to start a Friday (especially one with three classes!).

Daily Exercise // This summer I made a really big effort to go to the gym. I had heard so many people tell me the "Freshman 15" is not just a story to scare freshmen into getting gym memberships, and I heeded their warning. I chose not to buy a bike nor a skateboard/longboard so I have been walking to all of my classes for the past week. While I hadn't completely anticipated the amount of walking I would be doing everyday, *at this point in time* I don't regret not buying one because despite the heat, the campus is beautiful and forcing yourself to walk means you have more time to look around and absorb everything going on around you. Just remember not to lose yourself in the scenery during a rush time! That is one of the easiest times to get run over by bikers and boarders.

Bestie Birthdays // This month three of my amazing friends had birthdays! I absolutely love celebrating/making my friends celebrate their birthdays! They are the times to *more emphatically* rejoice in the fact that we are living our lives to the fullest we possibly can. While I sadly couldn't have been with two of them on their special days (one turned 19 and the other turned 18), I was able to be with my new friend Tech Princess on her 18th. Yesterday she was really unsure about doing anything special for her birthday so we decided to take her to Cheesecake Factory! I had never been there before and I had a great time. The food portions are enormous, but it is all so delicious you will wish you had a bigger stomach.

And last, but most definitely not least:

Starting Something New // This month marked a lot of beginnings for me, one of the biggest being starting this blog. For the longest time I have thought about starting my own blog, since my freshman year of high school if I really think about it. Four years ago, I hadn't really seen other blogs or even had a real idea of what blogging was - I had just heard a friend talking about it and I thought it sounded intriguing. Fast forward about four years and voila, here we are. I know it's small and simple (sorry I'm not as great with electronics as Tech Princess), but this is my own little space of the entire internet and I'm pretty proud of it. What has happened this past month that you are proud of? Let me know down in the comments!

Catch you next time.

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